Wix to Shopify Migration: How To Use LitExtension Free App

Shopify and Wix are among the most popular platforms around the globe. These platforms are perfect if you are looking to build a complex, yet easy-to-use website to sell goods.

However, when you compare Wix vs Shopify , Shopify is a definite leader considering its popularity among store owners with over 2 billions websites worldwide . Apparently, Wix users are under the same impression as more and more merchants are leaning towards moving to Shopify.

Understanding the needs of re-platforming, LitExtension has developed the Wix Import App. This app allows you to automatically migrate data including products, customers, orders and related data from Wix to Shopify.

️With the app, you know what your Wix store will look like on Shopify and how easy the migration process is with LitExtension.

  • No technical or coding skill needed

LitExtension Wix Import App is one of the Shopify trending apps

This post will guide you through the easiest WIX to Shopify migration using LitExtension’s Wix Import App!

How to perform Wix to Shopify migration using LitExtension Wix Import App?

The Wix to Shopify migration process is straightforward and super easy to follow. Please note that the app allows you to migrate 20 entities for free before proceeding to the full migration. We recommend you to run the demo migration first to visualize the results on your Shopify store. Plus, you can receive $5 immediately after your demo migration is successfully completed.

Ready to dive in?

  1. First, on the Shopify app store page, login using your Shopify store’s URL, your email and passwords.
Shopify store login

2. Type “LitExtension WIX Import” on the search bar, click on the first results.

LitExtension Wix Import App

Scroll down to learn more about the app. When you are ready to try the app, click “Add app”. The app is free to install!

LitExtension Wix Import App

3. Next, on Shopify Apps dashboard, click “New Migration”.

Create new migration

4. At this step, you will need to fill in your WIX store URL, email and passwords. Click “Next: Configure your Migration” to proceed.

Fill in your Wix Store information

5. Now, make sure you read carefully the entities that you wish to migrate and tick accordingly. Note that you can migrate for free 20 entities with LitExtension for each demo migration.

Plus, the app allows you to choose from various additional options like Strip HTML or 301 redirects,…

Choose entities to migrate

Also, you can expect to map your orders status right on this step. You can name order statuses on Shopify to your needs — either exactly corresponding to those within your current cart or in a different way. Whatever variant you choose, order status mapping gives you control over how your orders will be migrated to avoid any confusion after the migration.

Order mapping

Once finished, click “Next: Start Free Migration”.

It will take a while for your demo migration to be completed.

Migration in progress

6. When the transfer is completed, the screen should look like this:

Check result after migration

If you are happy with result of the demo migration, you can proceed to the full Wix to Shopify migration.

Demo Migration results

Why should you choose LitExtension?

  • Affordable Price: LitExtension is one of the few companies which provides data migration service at a fairly low cost. We have an automated pricing tool that allows you to calculate how much your migration costs and how long it takes. Suppose you want to migrate 500 products, 500 customers, and the same number of orders. Then, according to the pricing tool, the approximate amount of money you will pay is $59.

Originally published at https://litextension.com on April 18, 2020.



Our Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service helps you move your online store to a better e-commerce platform with ease. Learn more at https://litextension.com

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Our Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service helps you move your online store to a better e-commerce platform with ease. Learn more at https://litextension.com