What are the most common mistakes in eCommerce customer service ?

  • what are the fatal mistakes when working with customers are made by the owners of online stores?
  • what the consequences of this could be?
  • how to avoid them?

Mistake 1. Neglect of service and its quality in eCommerce customer support

  • control the quality of your products and services;
  • provide the opportunity to return the goods and information about the conditions of this process;
  • organize multiple delivery options;
  • provide your clients with the opportunity to pay in a comfortable way for them (in cash, via various types of payment systems, etc.).

Mistake 2. Incomplete information about the company

  • your company name;
  • address, telephone, and other contacts;
  • Payment Methods;
  • methods, terms, and prices of shipment;
  • terms and conditions of return (according to research, the information about the ease of return in plain sight on the site increased the sales by 3.5 times!);
  • registration, license documents of the company.

Mistake 3. “Head on” sales and misunderstanding of your customers’ needs

Mistake 4. You answer the calls only in working hours

Mistake 5. The online store focuses on the chatbot

Mistake 6. Human resource savings

Mistake 7. CRM-system is not used

Mistake 8. Intrusive ads




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