What Are Differences Between X-Cart 4 And X-Cart 5

Designed to be a reliable and efficient platform for e-commerce websites, X-Cart becomes a professional store builder and one of the top popular shopping cart solution. This robust platform maintains two versions of its software: X-Cart 4 Classic and X-Cart 5.

These both eCommerce platforms X‐Cart 4 and X‐Cart 5 are definitely feature‑rich and customizable with potential and tremendous opportunities for high-performing online shops. Both provides not only high-quality products but also orders, payment transactions, staff and user accounts, etc. Moreover, both are definitely fast and handle 500K unique store owners per day on an average VPS server. Beside that, For SEO, the two platform versions show almost the same efficiency and provide advanced tools to gain high rankings in search results.

However, after X-Cart 5 was released for a time, customers have many questions about “which version of X-Cart is better?” or “what makes X-Cart 5 more remarkable than X-Cart 4?”.

So, let’s follow us to find out the differences between X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5!

X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 comparison

Despite such prominent similarities, X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 also have many significant differences. These could be strong points to highlight each version, here are they:

Setup and Installing New Apps

X-Cart 4

  • Requires some technical skills from administrator.

X-Cart 5

  • Easy to manage both in terms of navigation and settings in administrator dashboard, and addons installation.
  • Comes with built‑in extensions marketplace so you can search plugin and features in admin.
  • There are various settings options available in X-Cart 5

Customization Potential

X-Cart 4

  • Easy to customize and easy to edit any part of code.
  • Upgrading your X-Cart 4 store with your customization is more tricky. You need to re-code when moving the changes to upgraded store.

X-Cart 5

  • The customization is more complex and time-consuming.
  • Provide virtually unlimited extensibility and customizability due to advanced technologies based on.

Design Features

X-Cart 4

  • There are many various responsive skins have been added into all the packages of X-Cart Classic.

X-Cart 5

  • Has user-friendly Webmaster mode which allow to picking and editing templates, updating text labels, customizing CSS/JS and moving layout blocks right on the front-end.
  • There is a latest and decent template “ Crispy white” has built in.

Store Upgrades

X-Cart 4

  • You need to follow many steps to upgrade from the old version to the new one.
  • The upgrade process is a little complicated.

X-Cart 5

  • Platform upgrades are quick with just a few clicks and easy actions.
  • Easy to customize everything and still keep upgradability by the flexible modular architecture.
  • wave approach ensures trouble‑free and stable upgrades for merchants.

Platform Maintenance and Development

X-Cart 4

  • bug-fixes and security updates are mostly available in the new X‐Cart Classic models

X-Cart 5

  • Replete with new tools and integrations.

Marketing and Sales

X-Cart 4

  • Follow traditional marketing trends.

X-Cart 5

  • Keeps up with the latest marketing trends and tricks, increasing its toolkit to continuously scale sales.

SEO Tools

X-Cart 4

  • Provides advanced tools to gain high rankings in search results.

X-Cart 5

  • Has a more convenient interface for managing SEO settings.
  • has a better structure of product URLs which is good for SEO and helps to categorize the content in search engines.


X-Cart 4

  • 2 responsive default skins.
  • You can choose other responsive skins a necessary paid add-on.

X-Cart 5

  • 5 responsive default skins.

International and Multilingual Support

X-Cart 4

  • Only available in English.

X-Cart 5

  • Supports English, Dutch, French, German, Russian, Chinese.

Overall, X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 have their own strengths. To choose which version you want to go with, it depends on your business purpose, your e-store size, your technical skills or your oriented business development,..etc. If you want to catch the trend and follow the latest apps like multi-vendor, product comparison, advance catalog, advanced filter options, you should choose X-Cart 5. Or, if you need a mid level customization in your X-Cart store with basic features then you can use X-Cart 4.

Migrate your old store to X-Cart with LitExtension

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To be more specific, here are 5 simple steps to migrate your data to X-Cart with LitExtension:

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  2. Go to your account and click “Create New Migration” to begin.
  3. Set up your Source and Target Cart: Select your Source cart type and select X-Cart as your Target cart type. Fill in the blanks with the requested information about your store following our wizard instruction.
x-cart 4 and x-cart 5
x-cart 4 and x-cart 5

4. Select entities you want to migrate and the additional options you may need.

x-cart 4 and x-cart 5
x-cart 4 and x-cart 5

5. Launching Migration: You can try free Demo with 20 entities limited or launch Full Migration immediately. Please wait while your data is being migrated. You will be notified by an email sent to you from us after migration is completed. And you can check the final result here.


After all, both X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5 are powerful and have their own prominent features. Then, the decisions should be made based on your needs and your online business scale. Therefore, no matter which version of X-Cart you will decide to go with, LitExtension can save you a lot of time and effort in transferring data from your old store to your X-Cart 4 and X-Cart 5. You can try our Free Demo in advance to ensure it will work as your expectation.

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