Weebly Pricing: Detailed Explanation & Comparison [2022]

Weebly Pricing

A Quick Look at Weebly Pricing

Weebly pricing is now sufficient for both website and online store owners. Many people turn to Weebly pricing by dint of its free plan. However, may sooner or later do they realise that it doesn’t fit their business any more.

Weebly Pricing for Websites

When it comes to Weebly prices, there are a free and four paid plans for websites ranging from $0 to $25 per month. You can check out the Weebly pricing table in the following to find out how much Weebly is:

Weebly pricing

Weebly Free Plan

Weebly Free Plan gives an excellent opportunity for you to learn how to build a business from the ground up using fundamental features such as:

  • Free SSL Security
  • 500MB storage
  • Domain with Weebly branding
  • SEO
  • Lead capture and contact form

Weebly Connect Plan

Weebly Connect Plan offers the same functions as the free plan, but with the addition of a custom domain. You must pay a $5 per month Weebly cost — the least amount of money to own a website with your custom domain.

Weebly Pro Plan

Weebly Pro Plan is a good fit for groups or organizations with a view to promoting their brand through a custom website.

Weebly Business Plan

Weebly Business Plan is the most expensive and advanced of all Weebly pricing for websites.

  • Items badges
  • Items Options
  • Inventory management
  • Automatic Tax Calculator
  • Coupon code
  • Square gift cards
  • Item reviews
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Integrated Shipping label


You should take all features of Weebly pricing into consideration before pulling the trigger.

Weebly Pricing for Online Stores

The Additional Cost of Weebly Pricing

Domain Names

Domain names on Weebly typically cost between $19.95 and $40 per year. The cost varies according to the domain you select.

Theme and Design

Weebly has over 50 themes to choose from, divided into seven categories ranging from business to events.

Weebly pricing


Weebly has an extensive app store where you can browse and select apps to add extra power to your website. Many of Weebly’s apps are free (around 57 in total), while others are premium.

Weebly Promote

If email marketing campaigns are an important part of your online business, you should consider using Weebly Promote.

Weebly pricing

Transaction fees

Another cost worth considering is the 3% Weebly transaction fee that applies to Weebly Pro Plan. It is quite high when compared to other premium eCommerce platforms like Shopify, which charges a maximum of only 2%.


Weebly pricing doesn’t cost anything when it comes to support. However, you only receive support from community forums, chat, and email support when using a free eCommerce plan.

Which Is the Best Weebly Pricing Plan for You?

In terms of Weebly plan comparison, we’ll give you some advice for which Weebly plan you would take based on your budget and purposes:

Weebly Free Plan

A fairly generous free plan that is notable for allowing you to launch your website.

Weebly Connect Plan

Similar to the free plan in terms of features, this plan still includes advertisements. However, you will benefit from a custom domain for a more personalized web address.

Weebly Pro Plan

If you don’t want advertisements on your site, this is the cheapest plan. You also gain access to 1-year free domain, unlimited storage, and improved sales tools.

Weebly Business and Business Plus Plan

This plan focuses on eCommerce, enabling features such as Abandoned Cart Emails.

Things to Consider When Using Weebly Free Plan


The most significant disadvantage of the free plan is that Square will advertise on your site via Weebly pop-ups. This is the cost of having a free website, and it is the main reason we recommend going with a paid plan instead.

No custom and free domain

The second drawback is that you can’t have a custom domain unless you upgrade to Weebly Connect Plan with $5/month. Otherwise, you must utilize Weebly’s branding domain.

Tips to Save Money with Weebly Pricing

  • Register your domain for a longer period of time. (For example, if you register your domain for ten years, you will only pay $12.57 per year instead of $19.95 per year).
  • Choose Weebly Business Plan to eliminate the transaction charge if you’re store owners.
  • Sign up for Pro Plan or Weebly’s higher paid tiers to receive 1-year free domain.
  • Pick Weebly Pro, Business or Business Plus so as to get $100 credit for Google Ads.
  • Save money with Business Plus Plan thanks to available Email Marketing ($96 value).
  • Go to Namecheap to register a cheaper domain name if your domain expires in a year.

Weebly Pricing vs Competitors’ Pricing

After having learned everything about Weebly fees, you may be undoubtedly curious about Weebly pricing comparison to other website builders on the market.

  • Wix’s monthly pricing plans range from $4.50 to $24.50. Wix Connect Domain Plan ($4.50) is the most basic Wix website pricing plan as it offers you some features to fundamentally launch a small website. Learn more about Wix pricing: Wix Pricing Explained: Is Wix Expensive? [June 2022]
  • Squarespace’s monthly fees range from $14 to $49. Squarespace includes three options (Business, Basic Commerce, and Advanced Commerce) to assist you in creating an online store. Notably, Squarespace Personal plan ($19/month) does not have eCommerce capabilities, similar to Weebly Free or Weebly Connect Domain Plans.
  • Prices at GoDaddy range from $9.99 to $24.99. GoDaddy provides a number of hosting options to meet a variety of needs. It offers more than 50 plans, ranging from basic website economy plans (shared Web Hosting) to highly configurable plans with dedicated resources and optimal speed (Dedicated Server Hosting).
  • Shopify price packages with monthly costs ranging from $9 to $299. There are 5 options for store owners to select from: Basic Shopify, Shopify, Advanced Shopify, Shopify Lite, and Shopify Plus. Each Shopify plan has a unique set of features tailored to different business sizes. Check out Weebly vs Shopify [June 2022]: All Features Comparison if you need further information.

Weebly Pricing — FAQs

How Much Does Weebly Cost Per Month?

Depending on which plan you choose, it may cost you from $0 to $38/month if paid annually.

Does Weebly have a Free Trial?

Not yet. It instead has a free plan for you to explore before switching to a premium plan. Every paid plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee. Therefore, you may get your money back if you’re not completely satisfied.

How Much Does a Weebly Domain Cost?

Weebly typically charges about 60$ a year for a domain name if you select Connect Plan. If you pick Pro Plan or Business Plan, you don’t have to pay thanks to Weebly free domain included in the plans.

Is Weebly Free to Publish?

Definitely yes, Weebly is free for anyone to publish. However, in case you want more functions for your websites or online stores, you may have to pay some bucks when upgrading to higher Weebly pricing plans.

Weebly Free Plan: Should You Upgrade?

Actually, you can use a free plan if you just want a blog for personal purposes. However, we recommend you to upgrade to catch more features for your online business.

Which Is Better: Weebly Pricing vs Wix Pricing?

Wix has a free plan and 7 premium plans ranging in price from $16 to $59 per month.

Final Thoughts: Is Weebly Pricing Worth It?

If you are looking for a website builder that has a rich set of templates with low starting fee, then Weebly is a perfect choice for you to choose:

  • Weebly free pricing plan may be sufficient for creating a basic blog, but for anything more, a paid subscription is the superior alternative.
  • Weebly Pro Plan and Business Plan are ideal for small and medium-sized online stores respectively, whereas the Business Plus plan for larger stores includes extensive eCommerce and marketing features.



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