Wedding Website Examples: Best eCommerce Platforms To Build One

10 min readFeb 6, 2023

Looking through those wedding website examples on the Internet, we know that decent ones require a lot of work. Building a wedding website is, therefore, indeed a complicated process.

You can easily get lost in the chaos of fonts and color schemes, types of layout, or deciding on what information to include… This can all stress us out, just as it is with traditional paper invites.

Thus, it’s always a good idea to give yourself a break and let us help!

In this article, LitExtension — #1 The World Shopping Cart Migration Expert will give you a breakdown of some of the best wedding website examples out there. We also include top website builders that you can use to create your own for your special day.

Read on, and you will discover:

  • Best inspiring examples for wedding websites
  • Best website platforms to create wedding websites
  • Some keynotes when creating a wedding page

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Inspiring Wedding Website Examples

#1. Duran and Kirsten

  • Made with: Wix

One of the best Wix wedding website examples is Duran and Kirsten’s wedding website. This is a suitable web to learn from if you want a sleek, uncluttered, and easy-to-navigate site.

We love it because they’ve made it simple for visitors to discover everything they need on a single page. Thus, they took extra care to make the site warm and inviting.

Want to add a special touch to your wedding site? Including something memorable, such as a photo or a video, just like they did!

On Duran and Kirsten, following the image of the pair, the couple’s narrative is instantly told to the visitor. In addition, the audio track played in the background while exploring also sets this page apart.

#2. Nick & Allison

  • Made with: The Knot

Nick & Allison is a fantastic wedding website example that tailored the design to match the couple’s personalities. They have taken an innovative approach and given us one of the best wedding website our story examples.

The “Our Story” section showcases a slideshow of the couple’s many hikes and outdoor activities. It is also our favorite aspect of these wedding website examples since it gives a more intimate and personal vibe.

On the main page, visitors can navigate through different website pages with an eye-catching menu. The “Location & Lodging” banner features a stunning animation of a campground. Lastly, the bottom section provides information on the expected weather on the wedding date.

#3. Jessica & Alexander

  • Made with: Zola

Jessica and Alexander created a one-of-a-kind wedding website that instantly established the mood for their upcoming celebration. Almost every aspect has been uniquely customized to their personalities, from the menu logo and header to footer images.

In addition to designing one of the most distinguished wedding website examples, Jessica and Alexander have also excelled in the communication aspect of the project.

Everything to help their guests get ready is provided, from information on how to travel, and accommodations, to the bridal party. It is surely a great way to show how thoughtful they are.

#4. Gen & Jay

  • Made with: Weebly

By looking at their wedding website, you can tell Gen and Jay are the exploratory type. Gen and Jay have used the picture sections throughout their website to add original artwork.

They’ve also done a fantastic job of modeling perfect wedding website Bio examples, from their initial meeting until their engagement.

Surprisingly, they even planned a private yoga session and trek for their guests to enjoy on the morning of their wedding. They also have provided an interactive area labeled “Questions” where they may post any questions they may have.

#5. Johnny & Christine

  • Made with: GoDaddy

Johnny and Christine’s wedding website is perfect for you if you appreciate simplicity. There is a lot of white space, and bold headlines,… All of which contribute to the overall minimalist aesthetic.

The layout is basic, yet it still provides all the details that out-of-town visitors would need. For instance, the couple also suggests things to do, eat, transportation, and lodging options.

The website’s gallery includes a standard slideshow like other wedding website examples. Furthermore, the website details the time and location of every activity, along with interactive maps so guests can find the path easily.

#6. Luke & Charlotte

  • Made with: Squarespace

Luke and Charlotte’s wedding website is the only one on the list of wedding website examples with a monotone color scheme. The website’s first impression is a photo loop showing the couple’s engagement and wedding date.

Being among remarkable Squarespace wedding website examples, this site is exceptional because of the wealth of resources it provides. The information you need about the ceremony, the reception, and the after-party on the wedding day, is organized logically to help the guests follow easier.

There is even an RSVP section where guests may put any query or suggestion on the wedding day for the newly-wed couple as well.

Best Platforms To Create A Stunning Wedding Website

Creating a first-rate wedding website might be difficult without a reliable website builder. In case you haven’t found one yet, here are our suggestions for the best wedding website builders:

#1. Wix

Multifunctional website builder — Wix

Wix is the best all-rounded platform for creating stunning wedding websites. It doesn’t matter if your preference is conventional, contemporary, elegant, or fashionable. Moreover, it offers every function that will reflect your style and personality right on the Wix wedding website, such as:

  • Various wedding themes
  • Drag-and-drop editor
  • Email marketing

Discover more about this platform via these blogs:

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#2. Squarespace

Squarespace creates wedding website

One of the best ways to make a wedding website that reflects the spirit of your big day is to use Squarespace. Once you’ve settled on a Squarespace wedding website, you can create multiple or single pages. Here are some features you will get for your big day:

  • Reservation convenience
  • Unlimited picture storage
  • Incorporation of social media

Still, want to know more about how Squarespace can help you create a beautiful wedding website? The articles below can help you have a clearer picture:

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#3. WordPress

Open source website builder — WordPress

This platform is a good fit for tech-savvy couples. In addition to the block editor, you can use the many widgets and plugins available for WordPress to make your wedding website design shine. You can create a stunning website for your wedding with WordPress using:

  • Elementor
  • Interactive guestbook
  • Timing plugin via the Event Countdown module

Tips: Wanna make use of it but don’t know how to start? Read this piece for a complete WordPress guide on creating a wedding website.

#4. GoDaddy

Create free website with GoDaddy

GoDaddy provides you with everything you want to get your wedding website up and running in a timely manner. As it employs Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), Godaddy’s website development process is quicker and easier for newcomers. It provides several extras like

  • Integration of real-time social media stream
  • Exclusive “member” page
  • Available wedding templates

#5. Weebly

Weebly website builder

If cost-effectiveness is your primary concern, Weebly’s wedding website can be your best option. Users can make a free wedding website using its features and extensive app store, even though it may provide less customization. This includes

  • Registration forms for hotels and restaurants.
  • Schedule of events
  • Timer counting down

#6. TheKnot

Website platform — TheKnot

TheKnot wedding website is one of the finest of its kind since the platform is free, easy to use, integrates with third-party apps, and offers gorgeous designs to suit every taste. When utilizing The Knot, you are offered:

  • Theme Library
  • Easy setting up
  • The Knot Registry

#7. Zola

Zola website

Most suitable for couples that want something simple and quick to put together, Zola wedding website builder is established to help them build one that takes just under 10 minutes.
This platform may not have plug-ins allowing you to add accommodation information to your site. However, the available templates and tools are somewhat straightforward to adapt to a basic wedding website need, such as:

  • Advanced guest list
  • The simple setup process and help are provided at every step.
  • A restrictive page for invited attendees.

#8. Minted

Minted free wedding website

Designed for the stylish, quality-conscious couple, the Minted wedding website specializes in those who care about coordinating their whole design under their control. The designs are easy to use yet super unique, curated by a community of independent designers.

Some features that many people are in love with Minted include:

  • Shop your website style section to help you find invites and decor that match.
  • Wedding Stationery
  • A free address collection card

What To Put On A Wedding Website

After signing up for a website builder, it’s time to start planning how you’ll put your own spin on your wedding website.

Not really clear on what to put on a wedding website? Here are some of the essential details for your free wedding planning website:

  • Clear date & location: It can not be a wedding RSVP website if this information isn’t included. Thus, you should highlight it on the website right on the main page.
  • Consistent audience pronoun: Use “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” rather than “The Smith Family” if you invite adults to your wedding.
  • Specified dress code: You may utilize your wedding website welcome message to provide a brief glossary for your visitors. As with any special occasion, having as much information as possible available to your wedding guests to help them choose an outfit for the big day is always appreciated.
  • Facts for your guests: There is no limit to the amount of information that can be shared on the Internet. So, use it to your advantage by providing brief bios, exciting facts about your crew, striking images, and details about your family tree or how you all met.

💡 Need more inspiration? Check out this article for even more Design idea tips!

Wedding Website Examples: FAQs

What should I put on my wedding website?

Some basic ideas for a wedding website that customers would need to know include wedding details, snapshots of you and your significant other, and dress code,…

How do you write your wedding website?

Begin by introducing yourself. If possible, exhibit some of your couple’s personality, but don’t reveal too much. Then tell a sweet tale for our story on the wedding website, divide it into tiny bits, and present them logically. Finally, consider any details your guests may require to attend the wedding.

What should you not include on your wedding website?

Avoid mentioning exclusive events to which only close family members and your wedding party are invited. This includes celebrations like bachelor or bachelorette parties, engagement parties and the rehearsal dinner.

How do I create a fun wedding website?

Creating a password is a creative way to make your website fun! If you want, make the password connected to a subject or hashtag, but make sure it’s not too easy to guess or evident to those who aren’t invited. Giving guests gift options to choose from is also an alternative option.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have provided some of the best examples of wedding sites along with platforms to start building your own.

Whether you decide on something fancy or minimalistic, these wedding website examples have made it clear that it should reflect your personality.

If you need help building a wedding website, join our thriving eCommerce community, and you can always ask and learn from the experience of thousands of others.




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