Adobe Commerce Cloud Review: An In-Depth Analysis

By LitExtension

adobe commerce cloud review


The eCommerce world is now moving forward to become a part of a larger customer experience spanning multiple touchpoints. Amidst the pandemic, brick-and-mortar stores are going digital and offering more shopping options like online shopping or in-store pickup. Not a single eCommerce platform provider wants to stay out of the game and all jump into the fierce battle to set a stance for being a prominent platform. Adobe Commerce Cloud is not an exception!

In this article, LitExtension — The World #1 Shopping Cart Migration Expert will walk you through a thorough analysis of Adobe Commerce Cloud — a top-notch eCommerce cloud-based platform, which enhances your store B2C and B2B experiences.

Adobe Commerce Cloud — An Overview

Before going deep into an in-depth review of Adobe Commerce Cloud, let’s firstly understand what is Cloud in Digital Commerce. “Cloud” is familiar in the current eCommerce world and is now on its way to dominate the digital world. With Cloud, we can get access to the database and manage your store everywhere without any loss of domestic data on the computer because your data is stored on clouds!

Adobe Commerce Cloud, formerly Magento Commerce Cloud, is the result of Adobe’s acquisition of Magento Inc in May 2018. Adobe Commerce Cloud is an enterprise-level eCommerce platform featuring a more robust set of functionality out of the box, as well as the ability to customize and interact with third-party services. It is a stable, secure, and adaptable solution for your expanding business since it is sturdy and scalable. Within Adobe, you can sell and manage stores of different brands, locations, currencies to both B2C and B2B buyers.

Adobe Commerce Cloud — A Thorough Analysis


Site response time is a crucial ranking factor. Google will penalize your site if it takes too long to respond. If searchers are using a PC, Google recommends a loading time of 1.5 seconds. Obviously, as an eMerchant, you won’t want your stunning eCommerce site to rank low on the SERPs.

Your Adobe Commerce Cloud site performance can be affected heavily by the number of extensions you use, the themes you choose or the images you select for your products images or any featured videos you embed on your site.

Fortunately, Adobe collaborates with Fastly Image Optimisation (IO) which is built on Fastly’s content delivery network (CDN). It allows merchants to modify and serve images at the edge, closer to your users, without affecting the origin server. By that, it can drastically increase page speeds and reduce image weight.


Nowadays, it’s normal to see many eCommerce platforms set pricing private and negotiable. Adobe Commerce Cloud is not an exception.

If you are planning to use Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can contact the Adobe team to get the pricing materials. Final Adobe cost negotiations to purchase Adobe Commerce Cloud must be conducted with the seller and what is charged depending on annual Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV).

You can refer this below Magento Commerce Pricing to estimate the Adobe Enterprise pricing:

Magento Pricing

I’ve been a massive fan of Adobe and all their products for 15+ years now. Since they moved to the new cloud infrastructure and technology, I love it even more! It’s effortless to try products before buying, and the cost is very affordable.

- Damon H, A Remote Operations Lead

Ease of Use

Adobe Commerce Cloud (former Magento Commerce Cloud), required coding at the set up process. So, it’s not easy for the non-tech-savvy to deal with this initial setup. We, the LitExtension team did our best to give you this super detailed tutorial on how to set up your Adobe Commerce Cloud from scratch.

As you fully install your store, the setup of your storefront will become a much easier task. You can select themes, extensions to fulfill your store needs, set up payment, add products and start selling. What is more, Adobe does give its users super detailed guidance on how to use Adobe Commerce Cloud.


Every consumer and B2B buyer won’t want their personal information to be known much. You, as a merchant, never want your store security to be at alert. Keeping your trade data safe in the face of cyberthreats is not a walk in the park.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is PCI-certified as a level 1 Solution Provider. That means merchants using Adobe can use PCI Attestation of Compliance to support their own PCI certification process.

Thanks to security scanning, you can supervise your sites and receive notifications about security concerns, malware, and illegal access. Additionally, Adobe has an active global developer community, so you can be certain that your security defenses on your Adobe / Magento website development are kept up to date against existing and upcoming threats.

As always, Adobe is proud of the security features it offers; from the source code to the support team, Adobe can ensure that your business is secure from A to Z! So that you can effectively protect all of your data!



While your product quality has a significant impact on client retention and loyalty, it does not always drive acquisition. To get the most organic traffic, your entire site must fulfill your SEO objectives, and you’ll need an eCommerce platform that can do it. Luckily, the Adobe Marketing for SEO is here to fulfill your needs.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

In the field of intelligent eCommerce, Adobe Commerce Cloud is a market leader. Not only is Adobe Commerce Cloud built to get customers precisely what they want, but it also gives personalized information and curated product recommendations to potential customers. Adobe evolves with your business, connecting you to a community of other users who may cross-promote your products and services. All of these traits are linked to higher search rankings.

In case you desire to further boost Adobe Commerce SEO, you can get considerable assistance from SEO plugins.

Cross-channel Content Management

Your customers want relevant content the moment they need it. Similarly, your team wants to have the flexibility to develop those personalized experiences. You can keep the right content flowing and your customers coming back for more with a flexible, cloud-native platform that marketers and developers can utilize simultaneously.

In a nutshell, you require a more effective content management system (CMS). Adobe is a prominent player in this field, and Adobe Experience Manager Sites will make Magento CMS much easier with AI. This Adobe Cloud manager uses an AI-powered content management system that’s based on a scalable, flexible, and secure cloud-native platform to help you deliver content quicker.

With Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can create content that’s fit for any customer and for any channel!


Adobe Commerce Cloud truly cares about the customer’s experience and it gives the merchants the customer’s journey with an aim to respond to exactly what a person needs. Also, customers adore personalization and customization, and merchants can use Adobe to transfer customer experience through time.

Adobe Sensei’s AI and machine-learning capabilities use unified customer profiles created from known and unknown consumer traits from a number of data sources to provide personalized experiences to each customer. Regardless of the number of consumers and multi-stores you have. That’s how big the scale is!

Adobe Sensei

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Adobe Commerce Cloud uses dotdigital’s email marketing for its Abandoned Cart Program, which notifies customers about their abandoned carts. Customer email series settings and guest email series settings are available in Adobe Commerce Cloud for eMerchants.

By going to StoresSettingsConfigurationdotdigitalAbandoned Carts, Adobe merchants can easily set up the email process to remind its customers with the items on their waiting cart. So that, you will never forget a single order.

Store owners can also take the game to the next level with Mageplaza Abandoned Cart Email, which provides them with more in-depth information and data of customers’ behavior.

Campaign Execution

Rooted from Adobe Experience Cloud, Adobe Commerce Cloud inherit a bundle of superior features that helps the marketing strategies with Adobe Campaign Standard (ACS). Below are what your campaign will be support:

#1: Central workflow management

From segment creation to message preparation to distribution, increase the speed and scalability of your marketing initiatives

#2: Personalized email marketing

Create tailored and contextually relevant emails that match the rest of the customer journey

#3: Manage the whole customer journey

With customer data management, you can see a complete picture of your clients to design personalized marketing fast at scale

#4: Inventory and order management

To satisfy your consumers’ expectations across all channels, Adobe Commerce Cloud ensures real-time product inventory availability and visibility

Campaign Execution

Store Fulfillment

The customer journey is incomplete without fulfillment. With flexible, multichannel alternatives that let your customers choose the one that works best for them, you can sell and fulfill from anywhere. Options for delivery that are flexible, convenient, and cost-effective.

With all of your goods available online, Adobe Commerce Cloud allows your consumers to buy on any device or channel, then choose how they want their order delivered. Fulfillment is a breeze with alternatives like buy-online-pickup-in-store (BOPIS), curbside pickup, and more.

Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure comes with a variety of additional features that sets it apart from the on-premises Adobe Commerce and Magento Open Source platforms.

- Adobe Commerce User, Enterprise (> 1000 emp.)

Store Integration (Omnichannel & Multi-channel Selling)

Amazon Integration

Amazon Sales Channel is a free Adobe Commerce Cloud add-on. With this free extension, eMerchants may sell and distribute products on the world’s largest online marketplace — Amazon — directly from their Adobe Magento store.

Amazon Sales Channel

What you will get:

  • Seamless integration
  • Intelligent pricing
  • Listing management
  • Fulfillment management
  • Business pricing (B2B)

You can provide the experience your consumers expect with high availability and scalability, as well as top performance supplied by a high-speed content delivery network (CDN) technology. Instead of worrying about your site’s performance, you can concentrate on increasing sales and expanding your business.

Point of Sale

Amidst the pandemic, it’s a must for brick-and-mortar stores to go digital. To manage both online and offline channels, merchants need a comprehensive system that can precisely track all data at a single place.

Adobe Commerce Cloud is an eCommerce platform that works with a number of high-end POS systems. Merchants can maintain track of inventory in real time, offer cross-channel promotions and customer incentives, and facilitate in-store returns and pickups by integrating with their eCommerce business.

B2C, B2C & B2B2C

On a single platform, Adobe Commerce Cloud provides multi-channel commerce for both B2B and B2C. You may streamline your processes while providing a consistent customer experience that starts with a positive first impression and extends through fulfillment, retention, and beyond.

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento Commerce) ranks as the top eCommerce platform for B2B. Merchants can self-manage their company accounts with Adobe Commerce’s integrated B2B features. They are able to track quotations and orders, specify purchase approval procedures, and manage customers’ credit online through an easy-to-use interface, making day-to-day administrative activities for their customers in a fast and efficient way.

Furthermore, your consumers will be able to take advantage of efficient and adaptable B2C shopping experiences. They have access to all available-to-sell inventory and can acquire and re-order items on a flexible basis via automated subscriptions. Throughout their journey, both online and in-store, you keep visibility and control.

Mobile Commerce

With PWA studio from Adobe Commerce Cloud, you can quickly and cost-effectively design, deploy, and optimize progressive web apps (PWAs). That is, you will provide next-generation shopping experiences to your customers. Today’s tech-savvy, on-the-go shoppers constantly linkto their mobile device. What is more, they has increasingly high expectations for how that gadget attracts and directs their attention.

PWA Studio

PWAs are changing the way people use their phones by providing quick, engaging, and app-like browsing experiences. PWAs employ a range of performance optimization and adaptable design tactics to load content quickly over any network, ensuring a consistent experience across PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Store Analysis & Reports

Running an eCommerce business is difficult. There’s so many things to keep track of and it’s difficult to know where to start. Even if you spend times looking at crucial data, you probably still feel not understand enough about your business’s health. Fortunately, with Site-Wide Analysis Tool — a comprehensive reporting and visualization feature will lead you in the right path and assist you in making modifications.

With Site-Wide Analysis Tool, you can keep track of all the data, information, and KPIs that are important to your company. This is an specially exclusive feature of Adobe Commerce Cloud that delivers real-time performance monitoring data and recommendations for Adobe Commerce Cloud installations infrastructure to assure security and operability.

The Site-Wide Analysis Tool provides a dashboard and reports that include system insights and recommendations based on best practices that you can use to address issues that are found. For Admin users with authority to access user role resources, the service is available in production mode.

Themes & Extensions

Using Adobe Commerce Cloud means that you can get access to a plethora of themes and extensions ranging from Accounting & Finance, Content & Customizations, Customer Support, Marketing, Payments & Security, Reporting & Analytics, Sales, Shipping & Fulfillment to Site Optimization.

Adobe Commerce Cloud — Themes & Extensions

With more than 3700 Extensions and Themes, you can fully customize your store for any business purposes.


On September 15, 2021, Adobe announced Payment Services for Adobe Commerce. Thanks to the integration of Payment Services to their digital storefronts, Adobe merchants of all sizes will soon have access to a robust, secure, and integrated payment solution that can be easily managed from their Adobe Commerce Admin, rather than having to do the work of integrating with third-party payment providers. By which, merchants can enjoy a seamless Adobe digital experience!

Besides, both Adobe Commerce Cloud and Magento Open Source enable a wide range of payment options and services that you may give to your customers for a more convenient checkout process.

#1: Offline Payments

Adobe Commerce accepts a variety of offline payment methods, including check or money order payments, as well as cash on delivery (COD).

#2: Online Payments

Adobe Commerce supports numerous online payment solutions and gateways such as PayPal, Braintree, Klarna, and more.

#3: PCI Compliance

The Payment Card Industry (PCI) establishes rules for firms that accept credit card payments over the Internet, which are outlined in these guidelines.

Scale & Support

There’s no worry about developing or deploying a data warehouse since Adobe Commerce includes a hosted, cloud-based data warehouse that allows you to bring all of your data into one place and access it from anywhere with an internet connection. You have the control over the data from which systems you want to sync, ensuring that your data is secure and your account is free of clutter. Besides, you can skip the effort of bespoke connectors by simply adding third-party data sources and databases using Adobe pre-built integrations.

Without sacrificing security, you can obtain the power and freedom you need to develop and scale. Moreover, you can get comprehensive support from the Community Hub and a wide range of support resources from the Adobe Team.



To reach the global market, as rooted from Magento Commerce Cloud powered by Magento, Adobe Commerce Cloud supports its users with more than 90 currencies supported by countries. With the multi-currencies supported, it’s clear that you can get access to multi-national, international potential customers, merchants and business.


Adobe Commerce Cloud offers a Language Package for its merchants to reach the global market. You can set up the language package via Composer or any other extensions in the marketplace. With flexibility, you can upload several language packages for the same language in your store.

Adobe Commerce Cloud vs. Magento Open Source Comparison

Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce Cloud (previously Magento Commerce Cloud or Magento Enterprise Cloud Edition) differ significantly on the business level. Merchants that use Adobe Commerce platform are charged based on their revenue, whereas merchants who use Magento Open Source are only charged for what they utilize.

What is more, Adobe Commerce Cloud has exclusive features such as the Order Management for Adobe Commerce (MCOM), Support Tools, Action Logs, Site-Wide Analysis Tool and Private Sales Reports.

Adobe Commerce Cloud — FAQs

#1: What is Adobe Commerce Cloud?

Adobe Commerce Cloud is the result of the merger between Magento eCommerce and Adobe Cloud. Being integrated with all the superior commerce functions of Magento along with the superior data from the Adobe Cloud, this eCommerce platform is a stable, secure, and adaptable solution for your expanding business. From a single platform, you can sell different brands, locations, currencies, as well as to both B2C and B2B buyers.

#2: Does Adobe have an eCommerce platform?

Yes, definitely! You may wonder what is the name of Adobe eCommerce platform? It’s Adobe Commerce Cloud. With a modular core and headless features, it’s fully scalable and extensible, allowing you to swiftly incorporate new technologies and scale up your business.

#3: How much does Adobe Commerce Cloud cost?

Adobe Cloud prices (Adobe Experience Cloud pricing, Adobe Marketing Cloud pricing) lie on your store revenue. You can contact Adobe experts and book consultants to estimate the pricing plan and know whether it’s worth or not.

Bottom Line — Should You Choose Adobe Commerce Cloud?

After a detailed analysis, you got all the basic and fundamental knowledge about the Adobe Commerce Cloud. With superior functions, Adobe Commerce Cloud is a top-notch eCommerce platform that could satisfy all your requirements and ultimately increase your store revenue. We hope that your business will shine brightly in 2022.

If you are planning to migrate to Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento Commerce), LitExtension is here to help. Should you have any questions, please contact the LitExtension Team! Join our Facebook Community to get more eCommerce tips and news!



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