Top 8 Best BigCommerce Themes 2020 — Under $200

Top 8 Best BigCommerce Themes 2020 — Under $200

BigCommerce was founded in 2009 by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper. For over a decade, BigCommerce has become one of the most popular eCommerce solutions currently available.

BigCommerce is the best for large or fast-growing businesses with big customers such as Toyota, Gibson Guitars, and Travelpro. According to Builtwith, BigCommerce Ranked #13 in the Hosted Solution category for popularity, BigCommerce is currently powering more than 47.000 live websites. Its scalability and customizability are what contribute to the platform’s superiority over its competitors. Not requiring many technical skills, BigCommerce also grants permission to edit the HTML and CSS of your site.

This hosted-cart website builder comes with a wide range of responsive, professional, and eye-catching templates to help you design your online store.

There are 12 free themes and around 130 paid themes with a certain amount of different variants in terms of color for you to choose from. Additionally, you can also pick the best BigCommerce themes in several marketplaces such as Themeforest or Templatemonster.

Choosing the right template definitely gives you a higher opportunity to convert. An inappropriate template can blow away your chance to impress customers while a beautifully-designed website can attract visitors and retain their interest. We have collected some of the best BigCommerce themes based on a group of key factors such as price (<$200), purposes, design, and features to help you set up a stunning store:

  • Vault
  • Cornerstone
  • Runway
  • Milano
  • Scales
  • Chiara
  • Parts Warehouse
  • Supermarket

Top 8 best BigCommerce Themes


First, in the list, Vault is one of the most popular free themes for BigCommerce stores over the years. The outstanding strength of Vault is its large menu along with its multi-purpose. The theme brings to the table amazing features that best suit both small, medium, or even large businesses.

But how about its design? Vault offers a harmonious arrangement of both colors and structures that can quickly catch your customer’s first impression. Plus, it gives you the power and flexibility to change text, insert pictures, and add banners to your store with just a few clicks.

Moreover, you can even tweak the HTML and CSS by BigCommerce stencil themes to change the original design. Thus, this gives you the opportunity to make your store look unique and bring a better experience.

This theme comes with 3 styles: Cool, Bright and Nature

Preview link: Cool | Bright | Nature

Price: Free

Notable features:

  • Home feature banners: Allow you to add up to 6 pre-positioned images to your homepage (Upper Banners, Mid Banners, and Lower Banners).
  • Fully responsive design to both desktop and mobile: Your site will look good on both mobile and desktop.
  • Product Comparison Table: This allows customers to select and compare two or more products on a single page.


Sometimes, simplicity is the best choice. A simple but efficient design makes Cornerstone become the most well-known BigCommerce theme. It provides users a clean, neat, and comprehensible design. Additionally, you can easily customize this free template in various ways to fit your ideal business without much tech knowledge.

Cornerstone has a smooth structure, utilizes top navigation coupled with buttons with rounded corners. Thus, customers can easily follow and navigate your content while still focusing on important information as well as the call-to-action part.

Many new merchants choose Cornerstone to start with because of its scalability. With a rich built-in and mega-site menu, it can handle both small and large catalogs. Cornerstone is best for:

  • Sales & Discounts``
  • Large Catalog
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Mobile, Tablet, & Desktop

This theme comes with 3 styles: Light, Bold and Warm

Preview link: Light | Bold | Warm

Price: free

Notable features:

  • Complex Search Filtering: Various search options help customers to navigate products more easily.
  • Cart Suggested Products: Whenever a customer adds a product to their shopping cart, a similar product suggestion will show up.
  • Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Google AMP optimizes your website speed on mobile devices by reducing the unnecessary part of your site when loading. For this reason, your website could run faster and enhance your customer experience.


If you are looking for a paid theme with an affordable price and delicate design, Runway definitely is a good option. Taking advantage of impressive full-width images and clever sidebar navigation, Runway will give your store a dazzling appearance. Besides, its large-scale product display area makes it easier for shoppers to catch all the details.

The theme also offers in-depth documentation to help with customization such as modifying the original navigation menu, favicons, banners, etc or setting up new features like blog posts or newsletters, social media links…

Runway is optimized for high-end products such as home furnishings, handicrafts, and sales & discounts. T

his theme comes with 4 styles: Minimal, Bold, Bright and Warm

Preview link: Minimal | Bold | Bright | Warm

Price: $150 Requirements for browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+

Notable features:

  • Fully responsive design: This function helps your site keep its high-quality graphic display on any resolution.
  • Free update and customer support: You can easily update the theme by using its page builder.
  • Product Comparison Table: Just like Vault and Cornerstone, Runway also supports your customers in creating a table of two or more products and evaluating the prices.


“A stunning design that speaks for itself” — Milano stands out from the crowd for a high level of creativity and a unique modern look. This BigCommerce theme could catch your attention at first glance by the professional and eye-catching design. Milano’s strengths lie in the harmonious combination of warm and cool colors. This contrast brings out a better appearance for your product.

Milano is perfect for large catalogs. This brings greater flexibility and scalability for small, medium, or even big business. Another unique point of Milano is the theme color. You can change the whole palette of the template with just a few clicks. Once you change this color it will have a global effect on major elements of the store like button background color, right sidebar title background color, icon colors, etc.

This theme comes with 2 styles: Default and Blue.

Preview link: Default | Blue

Price: $170

Notable features:

  • Custom admin panel: You can easily modify your store appearance without having to use HTML or CSS.
  • Product Lazy Loading: The system initializes an object until the point at which it is needed to reduce the loading time of your site.
  • Product Image Change on Hover: Whenever customers point into a product picture, another image will appear. This way, you can provide a different look at your product in just one frame.


Another paid theme on the list of top 8 best BigCommerce themes is Scales. The template was developed and supported by Pixel Union, a world-class design partner for brands and platforms such as BigCommerce, Shopify, and Tumblr.

It’s believed that Scales is extremely powerful in advertising your products. But how? The key elements come from its delicate and distinctive design. Scales provides a homepage product grid combined with an oversized product display area. Thus, not only does it bring a consistent structure for your store, but it also creates a certain connection between your goods.

Just like Milano, Scales also allows making most of the changes to the look and feel of your store in BigCommerce Stencil Themes editor. Also, Scales provides a Product Grid, allowing you to create a group or production, which helps to boot the diversity of your store.

This theme comes with 4 styles: Pop, Minimal, Modern, and Chic.

Preview link: Pop | Minima | Modern | Chic

Price: $175 Requirements for browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+

Notable features:

  • Advanced Quick View: The function allows customers to get a quick view to see main features at a glance on the product listing
  • One Page Check-Out: All the check-out elements are displayed on one single page such as cart contents, payment details, billing and shipping addresses, and shipping options, etc. Hence, this makes the check-out process much simpler for customers.
  • Quick Add-to-Cart: Allow the buyer to add a product to their cart directly from the products gallery without having to navigate to another product page. This certainly improves your shopper’s experience.


Chiara is listed with a price of $195 on the BigCommerce theme store. But is it really worth what you pay for? Good news for you, the theme is worth every penny. This fully responsive template gives you a “Full package” capacity including a large-scale product display area along with a massive menu. Thus, it is versatile enough to handle both small and large catalogs.

The main core strength of Chiara lies in its aesthetic and energetic design. Although the structure is quite complicated, it can still maintain efficiency and doesn’t cause any confusion for users. With the main carousel set up on a full-screen image and a few digital effects, customers will have a hard time taking their eyes off your store. Besides, there are 5 banners placed in grid form which gives you a bigger space to attract shopper’s attention.

Chiara also offers an in-depth guide in theme installation, customization, and updates.

This theme comes with 4 styles: Toys, Fashion, Furniture, and Sport.

Preview link: Toys | Fashion | Furniture | Sport

Price: $195 Requirements for browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 10+

Notable features:

  • Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce: Chiara integrates with Google Analytics, which helps you track visitors and conversions on your store. It allows you to gain further insight into your visitors.
  • Cart Suggested Products: Whenever a shopper adds a new product to their cart, a pop-up that suggests a similar item will automatically appear. This gives you the opportunity to boost your sales dramatically.
  • Free customer support and theme update: You can contact the support team via email and get a response within 24h. Free update available when a new version is listed.

Parts Warehouse

Another classy BigCommerce theme for the price of $195 is Parts Warehouse — one of the best BigCommerce themes for enterprise-level businesses. The theme is optimized for large product catalogs. Its huge-sized menu can handle thousands or even tens of thousand products. And its dropdown navigation makes it easy to organize products in various categories. Besides, the impressive home page design can quickly direct customers to where they want to go.

Additionally, Part Warehouse has great flexibility and a highly customizable theme editor. The theme provides a custom admin panel. You can add, tweak, or remove elements from the original design without having to master technical skills. Furthermore, you can even go the extra mile by accessing BigCommerce stencil themes to have full control of the HTML and CSS to make a unique look for your store.

Part Warehouse is best for:

  • Large catalogs
  • Home & Garden,
  • Electronics & Computers
  • Sports & Recreation.

This theme comes with 4 styles: Classic, Light, Dark, and Champion.

Preview link: Classic | Light | Dark | Champion

Price: $195

Notable features

  • Storefront CSRF Protection: The system will request further info to confirm the authenticity of the user. This protects your site from being stolen data such as account info, payment info…
  • Multi-Tiered Sidebar Menu: Large site menus with various categories help to hold all of your products in a certain order. Therefore, provides your customer with a great tool to quickly find a suitable product.
  • Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Google AMP will speed-up your site loading by cutting all the irrelevant parts in the loading process. This gives the customer a better experience.


This is also one of the best BigCommerce themes with dedicated support. The all-in-one solution comes with rich built-in features and huge capacity. The theme supports a mega menu, multiple places for you to put marketing banners such as home page, sidebar, category pages, product pages, brand pages. Moreover, you have various positions to place all kinds of products. Supermarket Modern is ideal for a large store, wholesale b2b/b2c marketplace or online shopping mall, etc.

Supermarket brings a high level of customization, you can change any details you want by accessing into storefront design. The theme also provides a Theme Documentation to help you make your site fit your own business.

This theme comes with 4 styles: Yellow, Pink, Blue and Modern

Preview link: Yellow | Pink | Blue | Modern

Price: $195

Notable features:

  • Instant Load: The function speeds up your store dramatically by predicting and preloading pages that users may view forward. As a result, it makes user navigation effectively instant in most cases.
  • Custom Popups: This function allows you to display your custom popups on any page, which helps you engage more with your customer.
  • Video banner: You can add a video or a Youtube video at your top banner to attract shopper’s attention.


These are the top 8 best BigCommerce themes we have collected from official BigCommerce theme stores. If you are still a bit uncertain about your choice, here are some of our suggestions:

  • If you are looking for a low-budget option, you could go with Vault and Cornerstone. These are the best free themes to start with. Your website will still have an exquisite look and a lot of user-friendly features.
  • If you are ready for a paid theme from the range of $150-$175, we have introduced you to three themes: Milano, Runway, and Scale. These are best-suit for a fashion and modern store with great flexibility.
  • If you need a theme with a price of $195, Chiara, Parts Warehouse, and Supermarket are perfect for you. The themes are inclusive with rich built-in features and well-suited for both small and large-scale catalogs.

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