Free Shopify Themes: 9 Latest Shopify Free Themes Review

12 min readApr 3, 2023

By LitExtension

Want your Shopify store to be up and running as soon as possible? If that’s the case, then free Shopify themes can be highly beneficial for you!

Some Shopify store owners might shun the idea of using anything ‘free’. But don’t underestimate these themes just because they cost you nothing. Not only are the latest free Shopify themes visually appealing, but they are also packed with profitable eCommerce features.

So why not take a look at our review of the best Shopify free themes currently available? Here are the key points that we will go through:

Check them out and take your eCommerce website to the next level!

  1. Dawn
  2. Studio
  3. Colorblock
  4. Taste
  5. Origin
  6. Refresh
  7. Craft
  8. Sense
  9. Ride

Latest Free Shopify Themes To Choose From

Without further ado, let’s check out the most up-to-date free Shopify themes!

#1. Dawn

Dawn theme Shopify

First on our list of best Shopify free themes, the Shopify Dawn theme is a chic template that supports large images, crisp lines, and simplified fonts that can draw shoppers’ attention to important content.

This is undoubtedly the Shopify layout that can make your products the center of attention. With the impressive media display on the product pages, customers can see the items clearly and get a more realistic sense of what those products feel like.

In addition, the Product Options feature allows you to add multiple product variations in a single listing. Thus, it’s easier for buyers to view all available options for the same item.

All in all, the Dawn Shopify theme is a wonderful choice if you wish to give your products the spotlight! This theme is also considered one of the best Shopify themes for dropshipping.

Your Shopify store design is essential in grabbing customers’ attention and increasing conversion rate! See how you can improve your website display with our articles below:

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#2. Studio

Studio theme Shopify

The Studio theme will be one of the most wonderful Shopify designs for new eCommerce store owners, thanks to its quick launch features. With its stylish design, merchants can start selling almost right away without the heavy customization needed.

Studio pays special attention to the needs of artists. The theme provides them with stylish typography and colorful accents to frame products and collections.

Moreover, the Studio theme’s featured collections and artist profiles can help artists gain a better online presence and take their personal branding to the next level. If you wish for an even more personalized store design, this theme still has many customization options.

All in all, Studio is a great choice if you require a store that can beautifully showcase your artistic products.

#3. Colorblock

Colorblock theme Shopify

Another simplistic theme, the Colorblock Shopify theme, is preferred for its clean design. The clutter-free layout will give you more space to display products on your storefront, helping you capture the customers’ attention right as they enter your website.

Colorblock is built for more diverse catalogs, so larger businesses can definitely benefit from this powerful theme. Moreover, the advanced filtering will allow customers to easily sort and find the exact product type they’re looking for. You can also create highlight collections and take advantage of the expanded menu navigation to enhance the buying experience even more. This is one of the best free Shopify themes for large inventory.

The Shopify Colorblock theme offers users unique typography and customizable blocks of color. Using Colorblock, you can create a product-focused store with a trendy lookbook feel.

#4. Taste

Taste theme Shopify

The next best free Shopify theme on our list is Taste, a stunning responsive theme that will make your store look good on multiple devices.

Taste is an ideal theme for specialty products and in-depth branding. By supporting larger product cards, specialty product highlights, and bespoke FAQs, this free theme will assist buyers in making more informed decisions. Compared to other Shopify free templates, Taste is designed for storytelling with its optimized longer text sections and visual layout.

Catching buyer attention is undoubtedly essential — and Taste can deliver just that. With this theme’s bold headlines and high-contrast color palette, there’s no doubt that your website can make a great first impression!

Want to migrate to Shopify?

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#5. Origin

Origin theme Shopify

The Origin Shopify theme is a template tailored to contemporary apparel stores focusing on product imagery. Therefore, it is one of the most effective free Shopify themes for apparel makers who are selling unique pieces.

Shopify theme Origin can help you design a simple yet impressive homepage for your store. The template allows brands to deliver their stories to buyers using structured layouts that encourage digging for more details. Moreover, the neutral color palette paired with quirky typography will offer an extra touch of fun when customers shop.

Origin lets owners upload their products easily while letting them customize page elements in order to increase their conversion rate without having to touch any code. With this easy-to-use and attractive theme, your business will indeed thrive in the best way possible. If you are looking for free Shopify themes for clothing, you can consider Origin.

#6. Refresh

Refresh theme Shopify

Refresh will help you elevate your brand image and product to a whole different level. This is one of the bold yet simple Shopify themes that are straightforward to set up, especially if you need to get your eCommerce store up and running quickly.

Refresh comes with advanced options such as Slide Out Cart — a feature that lets customers view their cart on the same page when they shop. Moreover, the clean design will help customers navigate through your website easily.

The modern design of Refresh includes a minimalist color palette and assertive headings, which will certainly help you make a bold brand statement.

#7. Craft

Craft theme Shopify

One of the minimal yet most effective free website themes for Shopify, Craft provides users with a refined and elegant website experience. The subtle design with lots of spacing and stylish typography will certainly make your content stand out.

Just as the name indicates, Craft is a theme suitable for stores selling handmade products. With its visual storytelling, you can showcase your items and what they stand for using rich and compelling narrative sections. If you’re planning to sell jewelry with Shopify, this is the theme for you!

This free Shopify theme also offers its users flexible customization settings, helping you achieve your desired storefront without many technical skills. The drag-and-drop feature of Craft provides users with flexible, well-designed blocks for attractive media display.

#8. Sense

Sense Shopify theme

Sense deserves the shoutout as one of the best free Shopify themes due to its gorgeous interface. The fresh and bright color palette will surely bring energy to your brand image. Customers will be guided gently through the store with this theme’s soft and engaging website elements.

If you wish to show as much instruction about your goods as possible, then Sense is a more-than-perfect choice. With enhanced product understanding features that let you add testimonials and comprehensive product descriptions, you can establish better customer trust.

Therefore, Sense fits well with cosmetics or health care online stores. The features of this free theme will assist brands in providing thorough information about the products and prove their trustworthiness to customers.

#9. Ride

Ride theme Shopify

A theme developed with an outdoor vibe in mind, Ride is a dynamic theme that will go extremely well with sports brands. Your sporting products will undoubtedly be the center of attention with the help of its dark background, bold typography and accent colors.

This free Shopify theme is suitable for smaller brands as well as fast-growing businesses with larger catalogs. Ride offers powerful features such as a Mega Menu and Product Filtering, helping customers to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Ride is among the best free Shopify themes that support video on their product pages, and this theme lets users make the best use out of this function. You can add impressive footage to show off your outdoor gear and capture anyone’s attention!

Shopify Themes Overview

#1. What is Shopify?

Shopify is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) eCommerce solution that can help brand owners create their online store quickly and easily. Being a hosted cart, this platform lets eCommerce sellers enjoy a hassle-free setup process without much technical knowledge needed.

Shopify homepage

Shopify also takes pride in its powerful selling functionalities and business scalability. When building your eCommerce website with Shopify, you can take advantage of its diverse app store, multiple payment gateways, and dedicated customer support.

All in all, Shopify is one of the most popular and best-rated eCommerce platforms on the market, suitable for both online sellers with less technical experience and big enterprises.

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#2. Shopify theme store

What is a Shopify theme? In simple terms, Shopify themes are the ready-for-use design templates that eCommerce stores can apply to their websites. There are currently 110+ professional templates on their theme store, including 100+ paid and 11 free Shopify themes. You can also download the best premium Shopify themes from marketplaces such as ThemeForest.

In a previous article, we talked about some of the best Shopify eCommerce themes, both paid and free. You can check them out here: The ultimate list of best Shopify themes. Regarding the question “How to Install a Free Shopify Theme?”, you can read more here.

Shopify theme store

Want to see how Shopify themes compare to other platforms? We’ve already compiled the analysis for you!

How to Install a Shopify Theme?

Shopify themes

Now that you’ve already chosen a suitable Shopify theme for your online store. To install a Shopify theme, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store’s admin area.
  2. Go to the “Themes” section.
  3. Browse the theme store and find the theme that you like.
  4. Click the “Add theme” button on the theme’s product page.
  5. In the “Customize theme” section, you can preview and customize the theme to your liking.
  6. Once you’re happy with the customization, click the “Publish theme” button.

Your new Shopify theme is now installed and live on your online store.

How To Get Free Shopify Themes?

Shopify theme store

To avoid running into theme-related issues, here are a few things to consider when you decide to use one of the best free Shopify themes or download premium Shopify themes for free:

#1. Site speed and responsiveness

Loading speed is one of the most crucial factors of an eCommerce website. The longer customers wait for the info to fully show up, the bigger the chance of them abandoning your webpage. At the same time, your site must perform correctly on both mobile and desktop displays.

These factors will directly affect your conversion rate and customer satisfaction. Thus, ensure your free Shopify theme can cater to the required loading speed and responsiveness.

But no worries! Check out this Shopify site speed checklist that we’ve compiled for you, as well as Shopify’s guide to site speed.

#2. Design and customization

Why settle for a boring design when there are plenty of free Shopify themes out there that can give you a stunning storefront? And it doesn’t stop there — you can even tailor the look of your web to your liking. The ability to customize your website will ensure that all website elements are consistent and visually appealing.

If you’re familiar with coding, you can take advantage of Shopify liquid. This is a template language that displays the free Shopify themes’ data. Shopify liquid allows Shopify themes to be agnostic, meaning the same code can work for many stores without adjustments.

Your website will be the first thing that determines your customers’ impression of your brand. Thus, a well-designed Shopify theme will certainly improve your brand image and lead to better business performance.

#3. User support

When you build an online store for the first time, you’d probably have plenty of questions to ask. If you run into any theme-related problem, it’d be much better to have someone to assist you.

It’s also important to quickly get any issues fixed so that they won’t affect your store’s performance. Thus, another important factor to consider when choosing a free Shopify theme is the quality of support from its developers. Having a theme with dedicated support will be a great help along the way.

#4. Theme update

Finally, your theme developer should be able to provide constant updates on its functionalities to match those of Shopify. Many themes no longer support all of Shopify’s current features, and some owners even have to consider changing to a new theme. This is never an easy task, so a theme that updates regularly will save you lots of time and effort.

FAQs: Best Free Shopify Themes Review

How many themes does Shopify have?

Currently, there are 110+ latest themes available on the Shopify theme store. These include 100+ paid themes and 11 free Shopify themes.

Can I customize free Shopify themes?

Yes, you can customize free themes with the drag-and-drop feature. Many free Shopify themes offer users specially designed blocks, helping you create customized pages without technical knowledge or coding skill needed.

Where can I find free Shopify themes?

Shopify free themes are available on Shopify theme store. Simply choose the ‘Free’ filter and all free themes should be displayed for your consideration.

Should I use free Shopify themes?

The free theme selection from Shopify will be very suitable for store owners who wish to have their store up and running as quickly as possible. Not only do these themes save you significant cost, you can also create a beautiful and functional store.

However, free Shopify themes may lack eCommerce functionalities compared to paid themes. So consider the scale of your business and the functions you want for your store before choosing a free or paid theme.

Final Words

The best free themes for Shopify we’ve mentioned in this article can be extremely useful for many different types of online sellers. Whether you’re an eCommerce beginner who wishes to explore Shopify’s potential at minimal cost, or a thriving seller who needs an online store as quickly as possible, you can always try out these easy-to-apply templates.

When you start selling with Shopify, you can enjoy a 3-day free trial and an offer of $1 per month for 3 months. With the help of the best free Shopify themes, selling online is easier than ever!

Don’t forget to check out LitExtension blog to find more articles like this. And, join thousands of other Shopify sellers and get the best advice from our active eCommerce community today!




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