The Comprehensive All-in-one Migration Service Comparison Between LitExtension and Cart2Cart

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8 min readDec 4, 2020
The Comprehensive All-in-one Migration Service Comparison Between LitExtension and Cart2Cart

In this day and age, online shopping has found its own way to alter the purchasing mindset of consumers, an optimal solution for eCommerce platforms is exceedingly integral. As a result, you should put a lot of thought into replacing an old eCommerce platform that is ineffective, sluggish and onerous. The most optimal option now is sorting out a comprehensive yet economical approach.

Currently on the market, there are 2 service providers that are appreciated by the majority of users, LitExtension and Cart2Cart. Both parties offer All-in-one migration service packages with various prices and services attached.

This article will help store owners to have a complete and multidimensional view of each service package and sort out the best choice.

What is All-in-One migration service?

All-in-One (AIO) migration service is provided by a bunch of data migration service providers to help you save time and ensure the quality of the whole process with the involvement of experts. We guarantee we will keep an eye on your migration from the pre-migration, during migration to post migration. With the AIO migration package, you just have to check email and keep an eye on the protocol report .

This sort of service is perfectly live up to expectation of non-tech-based customers who would rather stay focused on their business than carry out the effortful tasks manually. Several unexpected errors as you are not an expert in shopping cart migration may occur during the process.

In case you’ve made up your mind to hire a freelancer, rarely can a web developer understand 100% data structure of both platforms, which can cause errors related to data structure. You might receive support during the migration, however, the more time they have to spend, the more money you have to pay. You can not keep track of what’s happening with your data in the whole process. Migration with LitExtension All-in-One can save your budget up to 88% in comparison with migration with freelancer/ dev agency.

You can always check out the detailed information on Youtube:

LitExtension vs Cart2Cart: All-in-one migration service comparison

1. General Information

Cart2Cart is a popular automated shopping cart migration service that simplifies the whole migration process. It supports slightly above 80 eCommerce eCommerce solutions, including Magento, Shopify, Etsy, and BigCommerce to name a few.

In the same category, used by various eCommerce businesses and online store owners who want to leverage the capabilities of other eCommerce platforms, LitExtension migrates shopping cart data to WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, BigCommerce, Shopify, Magento, Prestashop, and other 100+ eCommerce platforms without disrupting the operation and performance of the source store or shopping cart.

The shopping cart migration service comes with time-saving and powerful features such as the ability to automatically delete existing data from the target store, perform selective migration, implement 301 redirects, and migrate recently added data from the source store after a full migration.

With LitExtension, the experts will guarantee accurate performance and the highest level of security to your store’s data. We are proud to have scored 4.8/5 stars with more than 264 reviews on Trustpilot. Moreover, LitExtension is getting 96% of users satisfied with our services and 8.8 smart score in comparison to 8.3 of Cart2Cart according to FinanceOnline.

General Information

2. Number of packages

All-in-one Packages

Cart2Cart offers users a bunch of “all inclusive” Support Service Packages, 4 packages to be more specific. Each package besides performing data migration, it also provides necessary customization and support on each step of migration.

In the meantime, to save time and minimize manual efforts of e-merchants, LitExtension has come up with the All-in-One Migration Package. With the All-in-One Migration package, the LitExtension Personal Assistant will perform all tasks related to migration. All you need to do is provide your Source Store and Target Store’s information. Plus, you will receive priority support without extra fee.

All-in-one Packages Features
All-in-one Packages Features

In addition, the fluctuation of product number from 5% to 10% absolutely negotiable by contacting the live chat. We always consider customer satisfaction as our top priority.

3. Pricing

Pricing Strategy

In general, Cart2Cart on average offers a bit more expensive price plan than LitExtension.

Cart2Cart users are obliged to spend a minimum price of $29 to use the data migration service without any assistance. To get support from the team of consultants you will have to pay at least $299 for the Basic Service support package with only 5 hours of online support.

Calculated fee of Cart2Cart
Calculated fee of Cart2Cart

LitExtension always offers summit services at a totally affordable cost. Hence, you can receive the AIO migration service, all of its effective features and our unlimited professional assistance from just $149. The price varies according to your number of entities. The price is immediately estimated on the website interface once you key in the entities.

General speaking, the AIO service price is considerably higher than the Basic Migration service, which starts from $19. It does not only cover all of the features of Basic Migration service but also offers you a wider range of comparative advantages.

4. Supported Entities

In general, both service suppliers equip users with quite identical benefits and quality. However, bear in mind that LitExtension provides the whole below benefits absolutely free-of-charge without any asking. On the contrary, Cart2Cart may charge you through the nose with some fundamental services.

Basic Service Included
Basic Service Included

5. Additional Options

The table below illustrates the additional realms after migration process of Cart2Cart and LitExtension:

Additional provision of Cart2Cart and LitExtension
Additional provision of Cart2Cart and LitExtension

Cart2Cart gives users additional options of approximately 20 options. However, most of these are paid options and users will have to spend between 20 and hundreds of dollars depending on certain needs of store owners.

On the other hand, with support for up to 21 additional options intelligently customized by platforms, LitExtension promises to bring users the most comprehensive and low-cost service as possible. All additional options related to migration such as Password Migration, SEO URLs Migration, 301 Redirect,… are parts of the All-In-One Migration package and totally on the cuff to use.

Some Prevalent Additional Options
Some Prevalent Additional Options

6. Post Migration Activities

The most restrictive point of Cart2Cart is that clients have to perform the process themselves. As well as this, you only get a narrow amount of time for technical support with prohibitively expensive prices. You may get the migration assistance if you are willing to spend at least 149$. This number, ironically, equivalent to the whole All-in-One package of LitExtension.

Each LitExtension All-in-one purchaser will have a Personal Assistant. A Personal Assistant is one of our experts who take care of your migration from top to bottom. PA is also available to answer any questions via Skype/Email/Ticket. We guarantee to respond within 12 hours for any arising issues during the migration process, Instead of 24 hours in the Basic Migration service.

Here are what we are going to do before, during, and after All-In-One Migration Service:

  • Set-up environment and check custom field
  • Install Target Store
  • Perform migration
  • After migration completed, we’ll have a thorough check at your store from A-Z to ensure all data is transferred accurately before we hand it over to you.
  • Support UNLIMITED unlimited post-migration support for FREE within 3 months after the full migration.

Even if you are too busy to examine and detect the error after 3 month, don’t hesitate to contact us, we are still willing to help you deal with that without charging any further fee.

Post-Migration Services
Post-Migration Services

In opposition to this, packages of Cart2Cart merely furnish about 1 to 3 times for free of cost remigration. After that, it may cost you at least 50% extra payment for each remigration turn or updated data.

7. Time estimation

There is no way you can have a literal evaluation when using the services of Cart2Cart. Instead of that, you may only receive announcement once the protocol finished. This abstract feature may exert a huge number of hurdles preventing shop managers from operating either their old or the new shop.

Whilst, you can always ask for the time assessment of migration with All-In-One migration. Go to LitExtension All-In-One Migration Pricing Tool, select Source and Target Cart type then enter number of products, customers, orders then click “Get Price” button to get the time estimation immediately.

Time Estimation
Time Estimation

Truth be told, we are unable to provide you the exact time the migration may take. This factor depends on each particular migration case following by several criteria, such as:

  • Your server peculiarities
  • Type of eCommerce platforms
  • The number of entities for migration
  • Type of store data

Therefore, our migration estimator can only show the average time needed to migrate the entities that you have specified. Apart from that, there are also other criteria that affect the migration time, as mentioned above. All-In-One Migration service will take more time to complete than the Basic Migration.

However, this service allows you to rest assured that we will ingeniously carry out all the required tasks. Then we will fully announce you through email as soon as the migration process finished.

Final words

It’s high time to upgrade your old platform, with the most cost and performance effective service. LitExtension AIO migration service is undoubtedly the most trusted, time-saving, budget and comprehensive solution for you — a busy e-store owner who always aspires to administer your eCommerce website with professional assistance. Saving more time, more money, more energy with AIO migration and keeping up your good work on the new platform.

Thank you for keeping up with this article this length. We hope that this comparison has helped you to get to know both service providers. Therefore at some point, you could make up your mind about which platform you’ll be settling with in the future.

If you have any more questions while using LitExtension service, please visit our Support Center or feel free Contact Us for further assistance.




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