The Battle Between X-Cart And Volusion

Are you looking for the right e-commerce platform solution that matches your specific requirements?

If you are choosing between X-Cart and Volusion, you must be going through a tough time because both of them are powerful in their own ways. In general, X-Cart is a powerful eCommerce platform for building and maintaining fully-customizable online stores; Volusion is also a robust online store builder that provides everything a store owner needs to build, grow and manage an online store.

To help you out, this article will provide you with a comprehensive comparison between these two ecommerce platforms — Volusion and X-Cart. Let’s get started!

X-Cart vs Volusion: Ease of use

First of all, not only beginners but also experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs have the most concern which is Ease of use of a platform. In fact, a platform with user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use function saves you a lot of time and effort.

Both e-commerce platforms have the same score in ease of use, around 3.9/5 (following Overall, all customers of X-Cart and Volusion had great experiences and considered that both of them offer an easy-to-use and professional tool. That means, customers can easily edit and use e-commerce software with limitations to customization.

X-Cart vs Volusion: Pricing

Basically, Volusion offers three product packages and a free trial version for those who want to test and experience Volusion features. The pricing plans is ranging from 29$ to ~299$ monthly and from 26,10$ to 269,10$ annually.

x-cart and volusion
x-cart and volusion

In another hand, X-Cart provides for customers three different options, you can choose:

  • A hosted cart which starts from 189$/month
  • A downloadable solution that you can host on your own server.
  • The package (license) that best suits your business requirements.

There are four main product packages available which are: Free edition (free); Business (495$); Multi-vendor (1,495$) and Ultimate (5,995$).

x-cart and volusion
x-cart and volusion

The difference is in the number and type of features each one offers in certain price. If you want to know more about which features are offered for specific plan, you can visit Volusion Pricing and X-Cart Pricing for detailed information.

X-Cart vs Volusion: Features

Each platform, X-Cart and Volusion, has the standard features built-in that you would expect to set up an online store, here are they:

  • Inventory Management
  • Promotions Management
  • Customer Account Profiles
  • SEO Management
  • Email Marketing / SMS Marketing
  • Catalog Management
  • Channel Management
  • Multi-Store Management
  • Order Management
  • Shopping Cart
  • 24/7 support

Besides essential ones, there are many differences in product features between X-Cart and volusion. For X-Cart, it concentrates in store maintenance and security features like product database, SEO and online Marketing and in creating a loyalty program for customers. Beside that, X-Cart has an app store like installation of extensions and 100% open source which allow you full control over every element of your online store.

For Volusion, you can have an easy editor and a customization storefront designs with a various number of free slideshows. And like X-Cart, some of the additional features are free but some are not, you have to pay to use them.

X-Cart vs Volusion: Integrations

In this part, X-Cart beats Volusion. In reality, X-Cart supports REST API which means X-Cart can be integrated with virtually software or service. It is ready integrated with a various number of integration systems, including:

  • 400+ payment gateways.
  • Shipping carriers and fulfillment companies.
  • Fraud check and prevention.
  • Accounting systems.
  • Extra sales channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,..etc)
  • Tracking and statistics (Salesforce, Mixpanel,..)
  • Social media channels and messengers.
  • Customers care systems and chatbots.

For Volusion, it supports the integrations with the business systems and applications below:

  • Paypal
  • ShipStation
  • Vextras
  • FedEx
  • Norton
  • Amazon Pay
  • etc

X-Cart vs Volusion: Customer Support

Customer service is an important part of every business when you set up an e-commerce site. With the good team assistance, not only can you get the job done faster and more easily but you can also make an optimal use of the site’s functionalities when you are a first-time user.

Following are support options that both X-Cart and Volusion offer:

  • 24/7 phone
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Email
  • Help center
  • Training

In addition the above-mentioned, X-Cart also supports via Tickets and this could be the factor that puts X-Cart ahead of Volusion.

X-Cart migration and Volusion migration

You already have an online store built on an e-commerce platform but planning to move to X-Cart or Volusion? The most advanced solution to migrate from one shopping cart to X-Cart or to Volusion is to use LitExtension, we can make the migration quicker and easier than ever!

We provide you with two options to perform the migration as follows:

  1. Basic migration: Follow these 5 simple steps:
  • Step 1: Register an account or Sign In on LitExtension site
  • Step 2: Click “Create New Migration” at the top right button of the screen
  • Step 3: Select Source Cart Type and Target Cart Type. Then provide source store’s URL into the blank bar.
  • Step 4: Choose entities you want to migrate.
  • Step 5: Perform Migration
  1. All-in-one migration: Hire our experts to take care of the migration for you from top to bottom and perform every necessary customization.

Based on recent report from LitExtension, our customers usually move their store to X-Cart from those 4 platforms:

Beside that, LitExtension’s customers also ask for migration from those 4 platforms below to Volusion:

  • Migrate from Magento to Volusion
  • Migrate from BigCommerce to Volusion
  • Migrate from 3dCart to Volusion
  • Migrate from PrestaShop to Volusion


In conclusion, depending on your requirements, your objectives and your business goals and preferences, you can choose the right better e-commerce platform, between X-Cart and Volusion, that will surely take your online business a level up. Volusion is great if you are just started to build a store with a small and medium business then X-Cart, alternatively, is a perfect choice for large enterprises with bigger budgets. However, both shopping carts are good for both selling and bringing profits for customers.

If you are ready for that, try our Free Demo migration here and now. Please contact our support agents via live chat on website or via support center for further information.

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