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Squarespace Pricing


Squarespace has gained a great reputation for the top-of-the-class features that support personal blogging or other non-profit purposes. However, in case you want to take advantage of this easy-to-use platform to monetize, Squarespace could be a good solution to kickstart your online business.

But before checking out the Squarespace review to see its features or watch a Squarespace tutorial to learn how to use it, let’s take a look at the initial cost you need to start your business here. In this article, we will walk you through everything about Squarespace pricing, including its pricing plans, transaction fee, and other costs it might have.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Squarespace pricing plans: A quick overview

Similar to Shopify and BigCommerce pricing, Squarespace doesn’t offer a free option on its pricing plans. Users will only get a 14-day-free-trial upon registering to catch a glimpse of how this website builder works. After this free session, store owners will be charged according to their chosen plan.

Squarespace comes with four distinguished pricing plans with different features, ranging from $16 to $54 per month. These tiers include a Personal package purely dedicated to non-profit purposes. Along with that, Squarespace also offers three other options (Business, Basic Commerce, and Advance Commerce) specifically designed to help you build an online store.

Let’s take a quick look at these Squarespace pricing plans to see what they have to offer.

Squarespace Pricing Plans

Squarespace pricing: Everything you need to know

Domain and hosting cost

Unlike Magento or other open-source eCommerce platforms, Squarespace users will not have to worry about purchasing a web hosting service. This website builder includes free hosting for every store owner on Squarespace regardless of their tiers. Besides, you will get a free SSL Certificate to secure your website better.

On a related note, users also get a free custom domain name on every annual Squarespace pricing plan they choose. However, this privilege is only available when you purchase the yearly package and it only lasts for one year upon registration. After that, you’ll have to pay for a domain name for your online store. The price is flexible depending on the availability and the ending of your domain. Usually, it will add around $10 to $20 to your yearly expense to maintain your online business.

Apps and integrations

When it comes to integrations, all extensions on Squarespace are either free-of-charge or subscription-based. The price for each extension is flexible depending on your selection, but it might add up to $75 to your monthly Squarespace pricing plan.

Unfortunately, Squarespace doesn’t offer a bewildering variety of apps and add-ons to further enhance your store’s capabilities. However, these sets of extensions are carefully selected and neatly divided into 4 main categories including Shipping and Fulfillment, Finance, Inventory and Products, and Sales and Marketing. Store owners can easily find their desired integrations on the Squarespace extensions page and connect them directly to their sites.

Squarespace Extension

Besides, if you want to step up your business game, it’s worth investing in the Squarespace Email Marketing tool. This powerful function is available for every website. Nevertheless, the free version only comes with limited features such as building mailing lists or sending up to 03 trial blast campaigns. To be able to set up more campaigns per month and get access to more features, please consider signing up for the Email Marketing plans.

Squarespace Email Marketing tool

The pricing plan for the advanced email marketing tool ranges from $7 to $68 per month. The higher the tier, the more campaigns, emails, and functions you will get each month.

Themes and website templates

One significant feature of this website builder is that all Squarespace themes are available for free. You can opt for whichever template you like without any financial concern. Squarespace offers hundreds of elegant and eye-catching website templates on its App Market. These themes are divided into 16 distinct categories so that store owners can easily locate the best option for their stores.

Squarespace Templates

In case you want to create a one-of-a-kind theme for your online business, you can consider hiring a website designer to work their magic on your site. These professionals will help you build a store from the scratch, add vital eCommerce features, or optimize your store SEO score. The price for this service is not fixed. It might cost up to $2500+ to set up a complete new site depending on your selection of designer and your workload.

Squarespace transaction fee

When doing business on Squarespace, there are two types of fee that you need to pay attention to. They are Squarespace transaction fee and payment processor fee.

Squarespace transaction fee charges 3% of the final order total for every purchase on the site. However, only Business package users have to pay for this additional cost. If you are currently on Squarespace Basic Commerce or Advanced Commerce, there won’t be any transaction fee added to your monthly expense.

Squarespace transaction fee

Meanwhile, the Squarespace payment processor fee is applied for every transaction regardless of your pricing plan. It is charged by your payment service provider and may vary depending on the gateways. Currently, Squarespace only offers a limited selection of payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, Square, and Afterpay. Each processor comes with different charging terms, so make sure to check out the corresponding documentation to get more information.

Maintenance cost

It’s critical to keep your site updated and maintained from time to time. This action will ensure that your website can operate properly and function effectively. Furthermore, regular website maintenance will help in improving site security, updating the latest features, and increasing customers’ satisfaction.

Fortunately, Squarespace doesn’t require any maintenance cost. Store owners can perform these updates by themselves or ask for assistance from a website expert in the Marketplace.

Several tips to save more with Squarespace pricing

Squarespace annual pricing plan

If you plan to do business on Squarespace for a long period of time, consider opting for an annual pricing plan to save up to 30%. When paying for a yearly Squarespace pricing package, the monthly expense will range from $12 to $40 instead of $16 to $54. Besides, with an annual pricing plan, you can save more with a free custom domain name for the first year upon registration.

Having second thoughts on Squarespace? This website builder provides a 14-day-free-trial to help you catch a glimpse of what Squarespace has in store. Moreover, this hosted platform also offers a free subscription cancellation at any time. You can get a full refund for annual website subscriptions cancelled within 14 days of the first payment.

Squarespace coupon code

Squarespace distributes a plethora of promotion codes through their website coupon page, affiliate partner program or advertisements. You can make good use of this opportunity to save more on your subscription plan.

Squarespace promotion code

Please remember that only one coupon code can be used during checkout. Squarespace doesn’t allow the combination of different codes to get more discounts. Therefore, make sure to look for the best promotion before entering your code.

Squarespace Student

Are you a student wanting to kickstart a side hustle to earn your daily bread? Squarespace offers financial aid specifically designed for undergraduates with the Squarespace Student program. You can get a 50% discount on any annual Squarespace pricing plan when verifying your student status on Student Beans.

Squarespace Student

One important note before proceeding with this program. This promotion code is only applied for a new annual subscription plan. After the first full year using this promotion, you will need to pay the full price of your chosen pricing plan.

Squarespace pricing: FAQ

Is Squarespace worth the money?

It’s worth investing in Squarespace. Squarespace is easy to use, equipped with a wealth of beautifully designed templates.

How much does a domain cost on Squarespace?

You can get a free custom domain for one year when purchasing any annual plan. After that, you can register a Squarespace domain for around $10 to $20 a year.

Should I get personal or business Squarespace?

If you intend to build your website for profit purpose, it is better to use Squarespace business version. It will support more eCommerce features to help your business thrive.

Is Wix better than Squarespace?

Though Wix offers more features, Squarespace is still the leading website builder in terms of pricing and website templates. So it’s up to you to choose the winner between Wix vs Squarespace.


Briefly speaking, when it comes to pricing plans, Squarespace clearly has leverage over other competitors in the market. Squarespace offers the most inexpensive plan to kickstart your business ($12 per month) and top-of-the-class free website templates. Besides the pricing plan they chose, users will only pay for the additional integrations and transaction fees.

Squarespace is a good eCommerce platform for your online business. If you are considering performing a Squarespace migration to make full use of this website builder, don’t hesitate to contact LitExtension. We are available 24/7 via live chat, email, and support ticket system.

We hope that this article has given you a rough estimate of how much Squarespace cost. In case you have any questions or inquiries, please join our Facebook Community to get more eCommerce tips and news.



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