Prestashop Tutorial Guide: From Scratch to Finish [2021]

Prestashop Tutorial: Introduction

Prestashop usage statics (source:
  • A brief introduction of Prestashop
  • How to install PrestaShop?
  • How to set up a Prestashop and get ready for selling?

Prestashop Overview

1. What is Prestashop?

  • A collection of more than 3,200 templates that are highly customizable, fully responsive, and SEO optimized.
  • An inventory management system that helps you to manage products, orders, stocks, and customers.
  • Over 3000 modules are available on the Prestashop marketplace that helps merchants customize online shops, increase traffic, improve conversion rates, build customer loyalty, and much more.
  • Amazing marketing features such as SEO optimization, coupons, special offers, email marketing.
  • A set of 250 options for payment gateways from third-party providers such as Discover Global, Amazon Pay, Authorize.Net…

2. Prestashop Features

Ease of use

Payment gateway


Two modules for your Prestashop

Free & open source

How to install Prestashop

1. One-Click Install PrestaShop

2. Install PrestaShop Manually

5 steps to install Prestashop
  • Step 1: Download and unpack Prestashop
  • Step 2: Upload the database to your server
  • Step 3: Create a new database
  • Step 4: Install Prestashop
  • Step 5: Complete the setup

Step 1: Download and unpack Prestashop

  • System: Unix, Linux, or Windows
  • Web server: Apache Web Server 2.2 or any later version
  • PHP: The recommendation version is 7.1 or later
  • MySQL: 5.6 minimum
  • Server RAM: The more the merrier. Make sure the memory allocation per script (memory_limit) is at least 256M
Extract the Zip file

Step 2: Upload the database to your server

  • Go to: http//
  • Go to: http//yourIPadress:2082/2083
  • Go to: http//
Login Cpanel
File Manager
Click Upload
Select your file
Go back to the website
Extract Prestashop zip file
Click Close

Step 3: Create a new database

My SQL Database Wizard
Create new user
Select privileges
Click return home

Step 4: Install Prestashop

Choose language
Agree to the term
Check PHP setting and directory permission
Fill in your information
Test your databases’ connection
Wait for the installation process to finish
Delete the install folder

Step 5: Complete the setup

Go back to your site
Go back to the admin panel

Setting Up Prestashop

1. Create New Pages

Add new page
  • Page category: This helps to build your website structure by arranging pages or posts into a certain category.
  • Title: Equivalent to the H1 of your page. This will also be the SEO title as default but you can still adjust the SEO title as you like.
  • Meta Title, description, and keyword: These will be the three elements that appeared as search results.
  • Friendly URL: You can adjust your URL/Slug here.
  • Page content: Choose a language for your page here.

2. Install Prestashop Themes

Prestashop templates
  • Upload it as a zip file
  • Import it directly from its URL
  • FTP it into the themes folder in your PrestaShop installation and pick it from the drop-down menu
Pick it from your dropdown menu
Choose a theme

3. Setting up PrestaShop Payment Gateway

4. Adding an SSL Certificate to PrestaShop

Enable SSL

5. Adding Prestashop Products

Add new product

6. Localization and Tax

Localization and tax
  • Import a localization pack: One of the great things about Prestashop is that they prepare for merchants so-called localization packs as a built-in feature. All you need to do is choose the content you need in each package such as States, Taxes, Currencies, languages, and so on. Click “Import” to apply it to your store.
  • Configuration: This part is for basic settings such as default languages, country, currencies, or time zone.
  • Local units: You can set up the default measurable units such as weight, distance, volume, or dimension.
  • Advanced: Finally, you can perform some advanced setup at this part. There are two options for you: Language Identifier which identifies the language of the country where your web server is located; Country Identifier determines the country/region where your web server is located.

Prestashop Tutorial: Launch your Prestashop




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Our Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service helps you move your online store to a better e-commerce platform with ease. Learn more at

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