Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2

Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2

In this day and age, technology is an utmost game-changer factor, which can leverage or showdown the business’s growth speed.

To be a winner, online store owners need to equip their websites with smart apps and advanced software, aiming to increase the brand’s visibility and boost sales across online marketplaces. One of the most reliable and high-functioning tools that we highly recommend Magento merchants is Product Feed.

It has been proven as a special tool designed to consistently transmit product data from your store’s sites to other shopping channels like Google Shopping, Amazon, eBay, Bing, Facebook, etc.

When your product data are regularly updated on multiple shopping channels, there is a high chance to increase exposure opportunities, attract more customers, and drive big sales for your store. If you start utilizing Product Feed, Mageplaza Product Feed module will offer you a helping hand.

What is a product feed?

A product feed or a product data feed is a digital file containing all of the characteristics of products in a store, such as product names, SKUs, attributes, or other marketing materials. When integrated with an appropriate platform, it becomes a communication tool that allows you to add additional data to enrich the product’s content and functionality. After you have finished optimizing your data, you can choose from a wide variety of shopping channels to publish your products.

Product feeds can be CSV, XML, or TXT files.

Four reasons why product feed is a must-have tool for your store

Implementing an intelligent product generator brings considerable advantages to your store site. Here are the highlights that you may be interested in.

Reduce workload and save a lot of time

Product feed auto-generation mode effectively assists store admin in generating and updating information on a routine basis. There is no need for them to spend many hours doing the same manual work. Consequently, product feeds contribute to saving a significant amount of time for technical work, allowing them to focus more on the sales or marketing side.

Ensure the accuracy and consistency of product data in every selling platforms

Nowadays, the online marketplace is more and more competitive. To make products stand out among millions of available items, we should describe them in the most unique and precise manner. On the other hand, the discrepancies and inconsistencies in your product data can be a minus point, which leads to confusion and displeasure from customers. So, how can we solve this issue?

Fortunately, with product feed creators, all of the product data is generated and updated accurately and systematically. This not only helps you avoid feeding data irrespectively but also increases the consistency and accuracy of the transmission and distribution process.

Manage product feed easily

Since all the important information about your products is located in one feed file, it is so much convenient for the store owners to track and manage all activities of product feed. Moreover, Google Analytics integration also offers administrators the flexibility to assess the performance of their products on marketplaces and measure the effectiveness of each campaign.

Access a wider audience and boost more sales opportunities

One of the most expressed benefits of using data feeds as a form of advertising is the possibility to reach a massive amount of online shoppers across selling machines, including Google, Bing, eBay, Amazon at the same time. Compared to heavily invested shopping campaigns, using product feeds is definitely a cost-effective method, but still brings the same positive results.

Furthermore, because your product can be easily found on many online shopping channels, your business is at a great advantage to increase brand visibility and access new purchasers on a large scale.

Who needs a product feed tool?

The automated feed producer is a handy module for any store owner because it helps them save tons of time, boost their productivity, and make their jobs a whole lot easier. However, we may wonder who benefits the most from an automated product feed? Let’s review.

Merchants with more SKUs

For those who have a dozen products, product feed automation possibly is not necessary. However, the more products you sell, the more need you will have a tool to simplify the data handling process.

Merchants with catalogs that change or fluctuate

Prices change, inventory changes, colors, etc., shifts from time to time. With an auto-feed producer, online merchants can submit every individual data precisely. Merchants who want to sell on multi-channels.

As we already mentioned above, a product feed automation tool is the single best option to manage your product catalog laterally to multiple channels. If you are selling products in multi marketplaces, it is worth using this extension to optimize your feeds in these online selling machines.

How can Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2 extension benefit your business?

Provide ready-to-use feed template

Mageplaza product feed foe magento 2

Product Feed for Magento 2 templates developed by Mageplaza satisfy all requirements of the most popular shopping channel such as Google Shopping, Bing, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, etc. These templates are perfectly compatible with three standard forms: .TXT, .CSV, and .XML.

The admin can edit these templates easily by inserting variables into the backend. Furthermore, they can also choose their preferred variables among all formats of the frequently used variables, which are presented in a clear manner.

Support customizable feed templates

Mageplaza product feed foe magento 2

The generation and customization for a product feed template can be done quickly at the backend. The admins can select their wanted template from a library of usable variables and then insert it into the content in the blink of an eye.

Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2 templates are not only friendly with almost all shopping search engines but also highly customizable in Liquid, which gives admins no restriction in template generation.

Filter products to be applied for feeds by rule

With Product Feed for Magento 2 extension, Mageplaza especially designs product filters to help store admin apply appropriate products to the feed of a respective shopping engine. Any product which satisfies certain conditions will be automatically updated to the feed. Products can be filtered according to :

  • Attributes: size, color, material, style
  • Attribute sets
  • SKU
  • Category
Mageplaza product feed foe magento 2

All product types, namely simple, virtual, bundle, downloadable, grouped, or configurable products, are also supported by Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2.

Ensure smooth and fast data delivery

Mageplaza product feed foe magento 2

With Product Feed for Magento 2 developed by Mageplaza, product feeds are automatically delivered to other compatible marketplaces, shopping search engines, and selling platforms. Mageplaza utilizes advanced technology, which allows online merchants to upload data faster via FTP or SFTP. FTP/SFTP and collect product’ detail through their account on marketplaces.

Besides, store owners can generate a public URL to pave the way for different shopping engines to access their feed easier.

There are 2 product feed modes: manual and automatic. Admins can choose the automatic mode and configure the feed delivery time on a daily, weekly, monthly basis.

Mageplaza Product Feed for Magento 2 full feature list

We have introduced you to some of the most outstanding features of Mageplaza Product Feed. Now, let’s have a look at the full feature list.

  • Enable/disable the module
  • Enable/disable email notification sent to admins
  • Send email notification to admins for the feed generation process and delivery status.
  • Manage product feeds in other shopping channels in a grid
  • Ability to edit or delete pre-made templates
  • Ability to duplicate pre-made templates
  • Enable/disable Magento 2 product feed
  • Provide 3 feed template formats: XML, TXT, CSV
  • Support pre-made templates for Google shopping, eBay, Amazon, and Facebook
  • Support Liquid in creating templates
  • Insert variables to create templates
  • Easy to edit pre-made templates
  • Integrate Google Analytics for each Product feed campaign
  • Filter products by default Magento rules
  • Filter products by attributes, attribute set, category, SKU.
  • Easy to edit category map
  • Automatically generate product feeds
  • Configure time to create product feeds (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Generate product feeds manually
  • Ability to deliver product feeds via SFTP or FTP
  • Generate URLs for shopping search engines to access the feeds
  • Ability to search the feed generating/delivering history
  • View the number of products which are successfully generated
  • View the time when a product feed is generated
  • View feed logs in a grid
  • Get noticed for feed generation status, delivery status.

This is the guest post contributed by Daisy from Mageplaza Team

Daisy is a Mageplaza content writer, who loves to write about business solutions. She believes in the power of words and how a message can inform and even transform its intended audience.



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