LitExtension vs Matrixify — What Migration Service is Best for your Store

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If you are looking for an ultimate shopping migration service, LitExtension and Matrixify definitely are two outstanding services that come to your mind. However, between LitExtension vs Matrixify, which solution is suitable for your migration projects? Please tune right in to find out more!

In this article, let’s walk through a detailed comparison of LitExtension vs Matrixify. We will carefully scrutinize different aspects of these two migration services to determine which one is the best for you.

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LitExtension and Matrixify — An overview


LitExtension is the number 1 shopping cart migration expert with over 10 years of working in this field. This service has successfully performed over 160,000 projects for 60,000 customers worldwide. LitExtension provides the top-of-the-class migration experience, with 100% uptime for your store, quick migration speed, and utmost data security.

Significantly, there’s no technical skill required to perform the migration with LitExtension. Besides, since LitExtension completely runs on the cloud, users don’t have to install any software before migrating.


On another note, Matrixify is a Shopify app that supports bulk export and import data. Matrixify (also known as Excelify) was founded in 2017 by a small group of eCommerce enthusiasts in Latvia. Though this Shopify app is just a newcomer in the industry, Matrixify has quickly gained a solid customer base.

Since Matrixify is not a standalone software, users will need to install this app into their Shopify store. This is one key difference between LitExtension and Matrixify. We will further elucidate other features of these two services in the latter part of this article.

LitExtension vs Matrixify — Everything you need to know


LitExtension pricing

LitExtension follows project-based pricing which means customers will be charged for each project they carry out. The price for Basic Migration starts from $49 and will vary depending on the number of entities you want to migrate. Customers can easily estimate the price they need to pay using the’s automatic calculation. Simply choose the desired source and target cart, for example, Shopify to Magento, enter the number of products, orders, customers, then let the tool do the work.

LitExtension pricing

Furthermore, LitExtension provides a powerful selection of additional options to further enhance the migration capabilities. These services include both free-of-charge and paid one, and the price to migrate special kinds of data like customers’ passwords or SEO URLs will start from $19. We will thoroughly discuss these additional options in the latter part of this article.

Additional Options

Not confident about your technical knowledge? Or too busy to perform the migration by yourself? Don’t worry, LitExtension also offers an All-in-One migration service. Upon purchasing this package, customers’ projects will be handled by a Personal Assistant who will be in charge of performing your data migration.

Especially, with the All-in-One migration package, all additional options will be completely free to use. The price for an All-in-One migration service starts from $119 depending on the workload and complexity of the project.

Matrixify pricing

Unlike LitExtension, Matrixify applies a monthly pricing plan. Currently, besides the Demo version, Matrixify offers three distinguished tiers including Basic, Big, and Enterprise. This app might add from $20 to $500 to your Shopify monthly expense. Matrixify will be charged at the same time as your Shopify bill.

Matrixify pricing

The higher tier comes with exclusive features like increased migration speed or batch import. Besides, customers can import more customers, products, orders, and other entities when using higher pricing plans. Especially, upon updating to the Enterprising version, customers will get unlimited entities to import and export.

Besides, Matrixify also provides additional services to deal with complicated migrations and custom development. The price for this service is $200 per hour.

Verdict: When it comes to pricing between LitExtension vs Matrixify, LitExtension is a notch more cost-effective than Matrixify. Though both solutions come with a demo version to try out, LitExtension offers a larger amount of free entities (up to 20 each). Moreover, this service also provides 3 months of free and unlimited re-migration, recent data migration, and smart updates.

Supported shopping carts

Currently, LitExtension provides support for over 120 shopping carts around the world. LitExtension is the official strategic partner with several famous names in the market like Magento, Shopify, and OpenCart.

Besides, LitExtension also supports marketplace integration to help customers maximize their profits. Customers can easily sync their store to Etsy, eBay, and other marketplaces with the help of LitExtension.

On another note, Matrixify can only export and import data from other platforms to Shopify only. This is a tight restriction if customers want to switch between platforms other than Shopify.

Verdict: In terms of supporting carts, LitExtension clearly wins a point in this battle of LitExtension vs Matrixify. With over 120+ supported platforms, LitExtension can smoothly carry out any data migration project.

What type of data can be migrated?

Both LitExtension and Matrixify can help customers transfer important data such as customers, orders, categories, products, and discounts.

However, LitExtension can automatically keep the connection among entities with the order status mapping function during the migration. Moreover, LitExtension can also migrate special data like customers’ passwords or create 301 redirects after the migration. These services will help users effectively manage their new store.

Meanwhile, Matrixify can export and import Shopify-related data like Smart Collections and Custom Collections. This solution also supports order status mapping, but please note that customers need to manually modify this information in their datasheet.

Matrixify datasheet

Verdict: Though both solutions can migrate similar data types, LitExtension seems to be the better service between LitExtension and Matrixify. It automates every step throughout the migration process to save more time and effort for customers.

How does it work?


For open-source platforms like Magento, OpenCart, or PrestaShop, LitExtension uses a Connector in the migration process. It is a “virtue bridge” that establishes a connection between platforms to perform data exchange. LitExtension Connector is highly secured by the unique Security Tokens provided by LitExtension. Each connector is bound to one customers’ account only.

On the other hand, for other hosted shopping carts such as Shopify or BigCommerce, LitExtension connects to customers’ stores using API. The API will be provided by the platform itself. Then, LitExtension can establish a connection using this information.

Besides, in some special cases, LitExtension supports migration via CSV files and database dump. These services will come in handy if customers have cloud-based stores or their stores collapsed.


Matrixify mainly deals with data in the format of CSV, Excel, and Google Sheet. The process is not too complex, but customers still need to have comprehensive knowledge to transfer data to Shopify.

Matrixify data file

With Matrixify, customers will first export data from their Source Store in an appropriate format. After that, they can make changes to their data file if necessary, then import it to Shopify and let the system do its work.

How Matrixify works

Verdict: In this category, it’s quite neck-to-neck between LitExtension vs Matrixify. However, LitExtension offers a higher level of automation which minimizes the time customers need to invest. Meanwhile, with Matrixify, customers have carte blanche to modify their data before the migration.

Customer support

LitExtension offers world-class customer support with 98% of customer satisfaction. Customers can easily reach out to LitExtension support team via email, live chat, phone call, and ticket system. They are available 24/7, which means all inquiries will be answered as soon as possible regardless of weekdays or weekends.

LitExtension guarantees to respond within 24 hours. Especially, for those who purchased the All-in-One migration package, the response time will be narrow to 12 hours only.

LitExtension Contact Us

On the other side, Matrixify only provides two ways to get support, via Slack and/or email. Besides, they also offer a standard responding time within 24 hours for every customer regardless of their pricing tiers.

Matrixify Contact Us

LitExtension vs Matrixify — Which one should you choose?

LitExtension is an all-rounder when it comes to data migration. With over 120 supported carts and a wealth of services and additional options, this solution is a trusted expert for anyone who wants to carry out a seamless and accurate migration project.

On another note, by virtue of the restriction in supported platforms, Matrixify is more suitable for those who want to bulk update their Shopify store. Besides, to perform data transferring with Matrixify, customers need to be a bit tech-savvy to smoothly go through the process.


In conclusion, it’s difficult to declare an overall winner between LitExtension vs Matrixify. Therefore, it solely depends on customers’ needs to select the best solution for them.

If you have decent background knowledge in technology and mainly work with Shopify, you can go with Matrixify. However, if you want to migrate to other platforms without any hustle and bustle, LitExtension is a better choice for you.

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