LitExtension vs Cart2Cart: Which Better Suits Your Demand & Budget?

9 min readNov 22, 2023

When you plan to migrate your eCommerce store from one platform to another, be it WooCommerce to Shopify, BigCommerce to Magento, or what you name it– you need a migration service. Otherwise, you’ll likely mess up your store’s crucial data and struggle day after day to fix it. But between LitExtension vs Cart2Cart — which one comes on top as the best shopping cart migration service for performance?

Let’s find the answer you’re looking for with our head-to-head comparison between the two biggest migration services in the market, covering seven key criteria:

  1. Migration process
  2. Migration packages & pricing
  3. Additional options
  4. Supported carts & migrated entities
  5. Migration time
  6. Post-migration policies
  7. Support methods

Let’s dive in!

LitExtension vs Cart2Cart: An Overview

Before we move on to the detailed comparison between Cart2Cart vs LitExtension, let’s spend a few minutes getting to know more about 2 prominent names among eCommerce migration services.

In a hurry? Here is a quick recap of LitExtension vs Cart2Cart’s basic information for you:

What is LitExtension?

LitExtension is an eCommerce migration service provider that allows online merchants and eCommerce experts to perform data migration. We currently support 140+ eCommerce platforms, including big names like WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, Wix, PrestaShop, etc.

Founded in 2011, after over a decade of constant development, LitExtension has stone-by-stone proved as the best migration service with its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Up to the present, we have empowered 280,000+ migrations for 150,000+ happy merchants from 100+ countries.

What is Cart2Cart?

Like LitExtension, Cart2Cart is a reliable migration service trusted by thousands of merchants worldwide. They support cart-to-cart migration for over 85 eCommerce platforms, including well-renowned ones like Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, OpenCart, and more.

With years of experience in cart-to-cart migration, Cart2Cart enables non-techie merchants to switch from one eCommerce platform to another without sweating part.

What do merchants & eCommerce experts consider when looking at a cart-to-cart migration service?

As we have performed hundreds of thousands of migrations, here are what store owners are most likely to be concerned about when they are looking for a migration service:

  1. Compatibility: They want to know whether we support switching between their eCommerce platforms.
  2. Experience and expertise: Most of our clients need an agency with prior experience and technical knowledge in migration between their required carts.
  3. Cost: Besides quality, they also care about the migration cost as well. They are looking for services within their budget and provide transparent pricing.
  4. Customer support: As the majority of our clients are non-techie, they also look for services that provide strong customer support before, during, and after the migration process.
  5. Post-migration assistance: They are also curious about post-migration policies, like a money-back guarantee, technical support, ongoing checkups, etc.
  6. Speed of service: Many of our clients just want to migrate their stores ASAP. Hence, the delivery time is a real concern as well.
  7. Security: With the rising cybercriminals and tons of websites getting hijacked, most of them have expressed concern about security.

LitExtension vs Cart2Cart Reviews: A Head-to-Head Comparison

Now that you know what LitExtension and Cart2Cart are and what you should look out for in a migration service, let the long-awaited battle between LitExtension vs Cart2Cart begin!

Migration process

As of writing this article, both LitExtension and Cart2Cart have two main types of migration — cart migration and other additional services. Depending on which type, the migration process can be different.

For cart-to-cart migration

With cart-to-cart migration, both LitExtension and Cart2Cart allows you to migrate your store in 3 simple steps:

  1. Set up your cart and target cart type
  2. Choose the entities you want to migrate
  3. Demo and perform the full migration

For additional migration services

If your store is based on a cloud server or it has collapsed, and a CSV file is all that’s left, then you might need CSV migration.

And here’s when LitExtension differs from Cart2Cart in terms of the migration process. While we take care of everything, when migrating your CSV file with Cart2Cart, you’ll have to do almost all the hard-lifting parts.

For other migration services like Database Dump, migration process of LitExtension and Cart2Cart is pretty similar as following:

  1. You upload your dump file to Google Drive and give access link to your file to migration experts
  2. LitExtension vs Cart2Cart give you a free demo
  3. LitExtension and Cart2Cart migration experts customize your dump file per your custom requests
  4. Quality Control Engineer double-checks before handing over the migration.

🔥 Final verdict: LitExtension is on the winning side. Though both platforms offer simple migration, the process is much simplified with LitExtension for CSV data migration.

Migration packages & pricing

Migrating to your dream eCommerce platform is important, but it’s not that important to waste tons of your hard-earned money for pricey services and get your profit margin hurt. Hence, migration packages and pricing are the next X factor we bring to the test.

Here is a quick comparison between Cart2Cart vs LitExtension cost for your better visualization:

Clearly, LitExtension has much more affordable pricing per migration than Cart2Cart. From $139/migration with All-In-One, you’ll get a bespoke migration tailored to your custom requests, and your own LitExtension Personal Assistant (PA), will walk you through every step of the way.

Not to mention that if you don’t have any custom migration needs, LitExtension’s migration cost can be even more rational at somewhere near $79/migration.

Meanwhile, when you migrate your store with Cart2Cart, your migration capabilities can be rather limited not until you’re willing to pay at least $549 for their Extended plan. Also, Cart2Cart isn’t so upfront about its migration cost.

Lots of merchants claimed that besides the quite high package cost, there are dozens of unexpected fees arising when they migrate their stores with Cart2Cart.

🔥 Final verdict: LitExtension is a more budget-friendly choice with unlimited entities and endless free support — all come at transparent prices. This also comes at no unexpected fees.

Need Help to Migrate Your Store?

If you intend to migrate to another eCommerce platform, LitExtension offers a great migration service that helps you transfer your data from the current eCommerce platform to a new one accurately, and painlessly with utmost security.


Supported carts and migrated entities

After taking the cost into account, let’s examine next the supported carts and migrated entities of LitExtension vs Cart2Cart!

Typically, both service providers offer users similar benefits and quality. However, it’s important to note that LitExtension provides all these benefits for free, while Cart2Cart may charge you a lot for basic services.

Regarding the number of supported carts, LitExtension’s staggering number of 140+ carts overshadows Cart2Cart at 85+ platforms.

Besides the staggering number of supported carts, we also offer you generous entities for demo migration. Specifically, LitExtension offers up to 200 demo entities for products, customers, and orders. This means you have 600 free demo entities. Meanwhile, Cart2Cart only offers 10 free entities for demo migration (10 products and customers or orders related to them).

🔥 Final verdict: LitExtension is clearly on the winning side. Even though both services support abundant migration entities, Cart2Cart requires extra costs for some entities.

Also, LitExtension supports 60 carts more than Cart2Cart and even offers many more entities for demo migration (600 compared to 30).

Additional migration options

If you want to tailor the migration to your specific needs and wants, it’s important that the migration service you choose offers additional options, allowing you to fine-tune your migration settings.

And that’s the next aspect we’re going to look into in this LitExtension vs Cart2Cart battle.

First, it’s noteworthy that Cart2Cart offers users around 20 additional options, but many of these come with a cost, ranging from $20 to several hundred dollars, depending on your specific requirements.

In contrast, LitExtension supports up to 21 additional options tailored to different eCommerce platforms, ensuring that you receive a comprehensive and cost-effective service.

The best part is that all of LitExtension’s extra migration-related features, including Password Migration, SEO URL migration, and 301 Redirect, are included in the All-In-One Migration package and are completely free to use.

Here is the list of extra migration options of the two migration services for your information:

🔥 Final verdict: LitExtension wins. Both LitExtension and Cart2Cart provide 20+ additional options. However, while they are all free with LitExtension’s all-in-one package, many of these extra options incur extra costs with Cart2Cart.

Migration time

If you are suffering from all the cons of your current eCommerce platform, choosing a service that offers fast and transparent delivery time would be a wise decision.

With the Cart2Cart migration service, your delivery time is expected to be around 10 to 21 business days (depending on which package you choose).

Meanwhile, you can always request a more precise delivery time with LitExtension’s All-In-One migration package.

Visit LitExtension’s Migration Pricing Tool, choose the Source and Target Cart types, input the number of products, customers, and orders, and then click the “Get Price” button to receive an immediate time estimation.

🔥 Final verdict: LitExtension wins as we offer more transparent and precise delivery time depending on clients’ specific migration projects.

Post-migration policies

Comparing LitExtension and Cart2Cart, LitExtension provides unlimited support for free, while Cart2Cart offers only 1 to 3 free remigrations. After that, there may be an additional cost of at least 50% for each remigration or updated data.

🔥 Final verdict: With miscellaneous favorable post-migration policies like unlimited re-migration, recent migration, 30-day money back guarantee, LitExtension is more committed to the migration quality.

Support methods

Since migration is a rather complicated project that needs constant attention from know-how experts, support methods will be the last factor we use to compare LitExtension vs Cart2Carrt.

It is well-noted that both LitExtension and Cart2Cart offer 24/7 support via multiple channels — email, support ticket, and chat. However, while LitExtension offers live chat support, you will have to wait a while for Cart2Cart chat support agents.

And while both the support teams are competent and know what they are doing, LitExtension offers endless hours of support for free before, during, and after the migration. Meanwhile, with Cart2Cart, your support time is limited to your pricing package. For instance, with the Basic plan, you’ll only have a mere 5 hours of technical support from our team.

🔥 Final verdict: LitExtension gains an edge over Cart2Cart for their prompt support that comes at no extra cost.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is LitExtension free?

We offer a free demo migration with 200 entities for each of the three most important data types (products, orders, and customers). So you’ll get 600 entities with LitExtension’s free demo before deciding whether to use our service.

LitExtension’s pricing depends on the number of entities being migrated and the target shopping cart platform. On average, you are expected to pay from $79 to $139 per successful migration.

What is shopping cart migration?

Shopping cart migration is the process of transferring your online store’s data from one eCommerce platform to another. This includes vital data like products, customers, orders, and reviews.

LitExtension vs Cart2Cart: The Winner Revealed!

Putting all things into consideration between LitExtension vs Cart2Cart, LitExtension deserves the crown #1 eCommerce cart-to-cart migration service with a migration platform that hits all the right notes:

  • A truly simplified migration process that takes the heavy lifting off your plate
  • Affordable, crystally-clear pricing packages
  • A massive 140+ carts supported — higher than Cart2Cart or any cart migration services in the market
  • Fast and precise migration delivery time
  • Many favorable post-migration policies
  • Prompt, free support every step of your way

Contact our support via live chat or tickets for more information about cart-to-cart migration. Also, remember to visit LitExtension Blog and join our Facebook Community to get more eCommerce tips and news.




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