Latest Web Design Tips for eCommerce Stores to Try in 2021

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Web Design Tips for eCommerce Stores

Keep your website simple

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. A simple website design seems more elegant and allows users to scan what your company is about easily.

Use clear and attractive images

Clear and Attractive Images (source:

Enhance user experience

The main reason people go for an eCommerce website is convenience. No matter the product you sell, if the navigation on your website is cumbersome or purchasing products is a painstaking process, the clients will probably not come back.

Use appropriate colors depending on your field


Remember SEO best practises

Using SEO tools in your eCommerce website is key. It will give you more exposure to potential clients and thus generate more sales.

Encourage user-generated content

Using user-generated content is a great social marketing tool. Encourage your clients to post content about how much they enjoy your products or services and share it with their friends.

Use creative digital interpretation of your products

Having high-quality images on your website will boost your sales. Adding digital interpretation features will give clients a closer look and also make your brand look professional.

Show product scarcity

Showing that a product is out of stock implies that it is of great quality and that many people want it. You can also prompt them to add it to their wishlist and have priority when the product is in stock.

Be transparent

When designing your website, you should put a clear link to your store policies in your navigation. It would be best if you never deceived your clients. People are more likely to go for a company that reveals price information and return policy conditions clearly.

Keep it professional


Avoid too many offer Pop-Ups

Many companies make the mistake of bombarding users with too many offers while trying to buy one product. This technique is off-putting, and most users would exit the website due to the pressure.

Use storytelling


Prioritize ecommerce security

The complexity and frequency of cyber attacks have doubled in recent years. For this reason, it is important that your website protects payment and customer information. An SSL certificate from a trusted provider is required.

Make it responsive

Many users log into your website with their phones. If your site is not set up to respond to mobile devices, you will immediately lose this customer group. For this reason, our main goal is to keep your shop responsive.

Be honest about pricing

Honesty is the best policy! When designing an e-commerce website, always try to be honest about the cost of the services or products you offer or the e-commerce marketing tools you use. Don’t try to hide information or disturb your website visitors.

Use A/B testing often

A/B testing (source:

Use social proof

When designing your ecommerce site, look for ways to show potential customers the positive feedback you have received from your current customers. Add a reviews section where people can rate your products (and thus get reviews up to 5 stars). Add a description section where you can see customer photos with a quote or two about the great experience with you. Ask customers to rate your products and what they like about them, then add them to your blog.

In a Nutshell

The fundamental goal of developing an eCommerce website, much like real sales, is to do everything for the customer’s satisfaction, not merely sell items and make money.



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