Tips For Increasing eCommerce Average Order Value

Raise Your Free Shipping Threshold

If your store offers free shipping after a shopper has spent a certain amount, simply raising this threshold can increase your average order value. Customers like to get free shipping, and they would rather purchase one more item than pay for the delivery.

The exact money need to spend more to earn free shipping

Offer Flexible Returns

Customers are often hesitant to purchase an item they are unsure about. They may like it, but what if they don’t? Will returning it cost an arm and a leg? Is the risk worth it?

Raise Your Discount Threshold

Another great way to inspire customers to spend more is to offer a specific discount after they have spent a certain amount of money.

Offer Freebies

Customers also love freebies, so offering a free item after they have spent a certain amount can also get them to fill up their carts more than they had originally planned. Tiered freebies will work as well: the more you spend, the more free items you’re able to get.

Offer Product Bundles or Product Sets

Bundling together similar products or products that are often purchased together that you know will be of interest to your shoppers is another great way to increase average order value.

Have Limited Time Offers

Limited time offers, especially seasonal offers or offers on a specific kind of product are also a great way to incentivize higher spending.

Make the sale more prominent

Display Cross-Sell and Upsell Offers

Cross-selling and upselling are great ways to work on increasing your average order value as well. That’s especially if the items you choose to recommend make perfect sense for your customers.

Use Design Elements to Highlight the Value of Bulk Orders

In order to ensure your customers are aware of the value behind a certain offer, make sure you cleverly highlight it with the intelligent use of different design elements. Unless you draw their attention to it, visitors won’t know what the savings are. They won’t know the available discounts or that there are bulk orders available.

Bulk discount on the empty capsules

Display How Much Customers Really Save

Shopping discounted items, understanding how much you’ve saved, and feeling like you are playing with “house money” is an incredible incentive to spend more. We all tend to go a bit overboard when there’s a sale at our favorite store. Maybe we don’t actually need all of those items, but we’d like to have them nevertheless. And the discount makes for a less guilty feeling.

Display clear retail vs. sale prices

Experiment with Increasing Prices

Finally, you can try increasing some of your prices. A significant increase likely won’t go down well, but raising your prices a dollar here and there can give you that added revenue boost.

Final Thoughts

Before you start applying all of these tips, consider what your specific target audience would like to see and what would have the most impact on your existing customers’ habits. You don’t have to implement them all at once. But when you do, make sure you track what kinds of results the changes are yielding, and adjust your tactics accordingly.



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