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Learning how to import to BigCommerce or any other eCommerce platform using CSV files has become an important requirement for every online seller. This common method of data transfer helps flexibly and actively moves between web stores.

So how do you import to BigCommerce via CSV files? In this article, we’ll be giving you guidelines on how to import products and customers as the most popular samples. You may also ask, is there any other option where you can import data with ease, even without technical background? Let the answers be seen when you keep scrolling down.


Backup data before the import process

Prior to your effort to import to BigCommerce, it’s crucial to create a backup of every data in your storage. For each eCommerce platform you’re using, you should follow instructions from official documents to properly backup your data.

And if you’re currently running your store on BigCommerce, here’s how you create backups for products and customers:

  • Products

1. Go to ProductsExport. Select the Bulk Edit template, then click Continue. 2. A pop-up window will appear. Click Export my products to a CSV file.

import to bigcommerce

3. Wait for the export process to complete, then click Download my Products file and save the file on your computer.

import to bigcommerce
  • Customers

1. Go to Customers Export. Select the Bulk Edit template, then click Continue. 2. A pop-up window will appear. Click Export my customers to a CSV file.

Import to bigcommerce

3. Wait for the export process to complete, then click Download my Customers file and save the file on your computer.

import to bigcommerce

Export CSV files from current platform

At this point, you can follow official documented instructions of your current platform to learn exporting data. The 2 most popular file formats for achieving data are CSV and XML (Extensible Markup Language).

However, currently BigCommerce only supports importing CSV files. Therefore, always remember to take a double look at the format option you choose to export files. This is to make sure of the file format compatibility when importing to BigCommerce.

How to import to BigCommerce using CSV files

Now, it’s time for you to import those exported data to BigCommerce. BigCommerce currently supports importing data in CSV (Comma separated value) file format. These files can contain a variety of data entities such as products, customers, tracking numbers, product images, 301 redirects, etc. You can open CSV files using any spreadsheet program, making it very convenient for tracking.

Please note that, for orders import to BigCommerce, the system does not support importing via CSV files. Instead, you need access to your store database upon API request.

Simply follow these steps:

Import products

1. Go to ProductImport. 2. Select settings you want for your import under Import Options.

import to bigcommerce

Select “File was exported using the ‘Bulk Edit’ template” if you export your file following the BigCommerce sample CSV format. Choose this option and it will automatically select the rest of the Import Details settings and skip you over the Matching Fields step.

Next up, you’ll see the options Delete existing images and Delete existing downloads. We recommend you not to choose these options if you don’t know what you are doing. These settings will permanently delete your existing images and downloads and there’s no way for recovery.

3. In the Import Products via CSV section, drag and drop your CSV file or browse for it. Remember that the only file format supported here is CSV.

import to bigcommerce

4. Click Next once you complete all the above steps.

5. Make sure to match equivalent settings for your product data when importing. If you select Bulk Edit Re-import option, you can skip this step.

import to bigcommerce

Ignore option means that it will skip data fields in the import file with blank values. We recommend you set a specific setting for each matching.

6. Click Next.

7. Click Start Import to begin importing products. When all is done, you will see an import summary.

Import customers

  1. Go to CustomersImport.
  2. 2. In the File Details section, next to Import File, upload your CSV file directly from your computer by drag and drop the file or browse for it.
import to bigcommerce

3. You can typically leave the additional File Details settings alone. They are used if you are uploading a non-spreadsheet CSV and need to specify the import settings. Click Next when you are done.

  • Contains Headers? Select if the file already contains column headings.
  • Field Separator — Define what punctuation is used to separate the fields.
  • Field Enclosure — Define what punctuation is used to tie phrases together.

4. At this step, you need to assign column headers from the import file to their corresponding fields before proceeding. Next to the Match field, from the drop-down options, select your CSV’s corresponding column name. You do not need to match every column, but you must match the required columns. Click Next when done.

import to bigcommerce

5. Click Start Import when ready to begin importing your products.

Final words

You have learnt how to import products and customers to BigCommerce via CSV files. It could be a simple task if you have had experience after multiple times doing this. But to those who are not familiar with data transfer or BigCommerce, it could take a lot of time to learn from scratch. Along with that, it may contain the hidden risk of losing data during the import process.

Therefore, in case you’re too busy or wary about the risk, we highly recommend you use our CSV file migration service. With this package, LitExtension experts will perform the CSV migration/import to BigCommerce. We will make sure of the data compatibility of your CSV files in BigCommerce so that your data will be transferred accurately, rapidly and securely. Additionally, we also offer the All-in-one migration package that will fully cover your migration/import to BigCommerce.

For more information about how to migrate/import your data to BigCommerce, don’t wait for too long to contact our enthusiastic support team. They are available 24/7 and always happy to help!



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