How To Migrate Custom Fields from Your Current Store to A Desired Shopping Cart

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Custom Fields Migration

What are custom fields in general and why do you need it?

1. What are custom fields?

Custom fields are fields which originally does not exist in your platform core. They are created through a plugin or module built by the platform’s developers or other plugin providers. They can also be created by directly modifying your database. You use custom fields to specify additional information to your products or pages.

Below is an example of Custom Field created by Product Brand Plugin on WooCommerce:

migrate custom fields
WordPress custom fields migration

2. Why is custom field necessary?

Custom field allows you to extend the power of the platform you are currently using. There are some situations in which you will need a function or field that is not in default of your platform, that’s when custom field comes in handy.

For example, you can use custom fields to add specific information to your Customers or Products such as: Price, weight, color or dimensions, etc.

This will make it easier for your customers to filter products or information on your websites to find what they really want, based on the fields you set up.

What are custom fields in migration?

When migrating your store on current platform to another, it’s important to transfer everything over including custom fields. Otherwise, you will have to establish everything again manually.

Custom fields are defined slightly different in migration process from its original meaning. There are three types of data field which will be considered custom fields including:

  1. Fields which are in the Source cart’s default but aren’t in the Target cart’s.
  2. Fields which are not in both the Source cart’s and Target cart’s default.
  3. Fields which are custom in Source cart but available in Target cart.


  • Your custom fields in Source store may be created by a popular plugin (e.g. Product Brand, Preserve Order number plugin in WooCommerce and Product review in PrestaShop). If these fields are in the Target store’s default, our team can consider it a default field.
  • Many source carts have the ability to create their own custom field in the backend. These fields are not considered custom fields as per our terms and CAN BE MIGRATED automatically.

LitExtension can transfer the data in custom fields for you by customizing our tool based on the their structure.

How to migrate custom fields with LitExtension

You can request LitExtension to transfer custom fields during your migration by following these steps:

Important note: If you need to migrate custom fields along with other data, please remember to select the entity that the custom fields belong to when configuring your migration. For example, if you are about to migrate custom fields created by Product Brand Plugin on WooCommerce, you need to select to migrate products.

For those who are not a big fan of reading, we made a tutorial video for you that has everything you can find below:

In details, you can request LitExtension to transfer custom fields during your migration by following these steps:

  1. Login to LitExtension website.
  2. How you requests depend on whether you purchase a Basic migration or All-In-One service:
  • If you purchase Basic Migration, you can order us to migrate custom fields by going to your account page, select Buy a service -> Customization Service.
Choose Customization Service
  • Then, type in the number of custom fields on your Source cart that you want to bring along. In customization requirements box, you should list the fields you want to migrate.
  • If you purchase our All-In-One Migration package, there will be boxes for you to note all the requirements relating to custom field.
LitExtension’s All-In-One Migration Service
  • After that, our agents will check your data and perform the migration for you. Once we finish, you will be informed via email to check the result.

Now, I’ll walk you through how LitExtension deal with your custom fields migration:

Let’s suppose you want to migrate from 3dCart to WooCommerce. In your 3dCart website, there are additional information stored in fields from 1 to 13 as follows:

3dcart custom fields
3dCart custom fields

These fields are displayed as tabs on your 3dCart website’s front end:

3dcart custom fields
3dCart custom fields

However, when migrating your store to WooCommerce, this platform does not allow you to show the fields in the old way because it only supports attributes. Therefore, your additional information will not be displayed in separate tabs but a common one as shown below:

migrate custom fields to woocommerce
Migrate custom fields to WooCommerce

If you want the information to be displayed the same as on your Source store, you need to install Custom Product Tabs plugin into WooCommerce.

Product Tabs plugin on WooCommerce
Product tabs plugin on WooCommerce

Then, we will custom code to import your additional information to the custom fields created by Product Tabs plugin on WooCommerce.

Why you should choose LitExtension

  • Affordable Price: LitExtension is one of the few companies which provides data migration service with a fairly low cost. We have an automated pricing tool which allows you to calculate how much your migration costs and how long it takes. Suppose you want to migrate 500 products, 500 customers and the same number of orders. Then, according to the pricing tool, the approximate amount of money you will pay is $59.
  • Free Demo and Trial Migration: These two help you preview how the tool works and how your data is stored and managed in the new shopping cart.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 3-month Migration Assurance: We offer 3-month Free Unlimited Recent Migrations and Re-migrations for assurance in migration and make sure migration process will be completed perfectly.
  • Professional Support: LitExtension has a dedicated and professional technical support team. We provide 24/7 support by ticket, phone, live chat, or email. Hence, we can solve all of your problems quickly and accurately.
  • High Security: LitExtension has a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. For further information, please take a look at our Data Security Policy.
  • No Technical Skills required: With LitExtension tool, your migration to Shopware is just a few clicks away. You don’t need any advanced technical skills or knowledge to deal with the migration. Besides, you always have the support team around if any concern arises.


If you are already here, you must have known how useful custom fields are and how important you need to bring them along with other data during your e-commerce platform migration. At the moment, there is rarely a service to perform this for you because of its complexity and high risk.

However, with more than 9-year experience in shopping cart migration, LitExtension can guarantee that we can migrate custom fields on your Source cart seamlessly and accurately to your Target cart.

We take pride in our comprehensive migration service and reliability. You can easily transfer all your data namely products, customers, orders, variants, etc. LitExtension also provides you with additional options so that you can expand the migration possibility, such as:

Don’t hesitate to leave us a message via live chat on website or an email via for any questions you may have. Let’s join our community to get more eCommerce knowledge.




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