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Shopware Migration

Shopware is a leading e-commerce platform in Germany, well-known for powering some of the largest online stores in the market, for example, L’Oréal, Urban Decay or Euronics. It is highly favored because of the scalability and feature richness.

Some of the most impressive characteristics of Shopware include the capability of handling with a bunch of incoming traffic at peak hours as well as an upsurge in orders, which allows merchants of small enterprises easily scale up as their businesses grow. Shopware can offer you this thanks to several of its tools, including a varnish cache, the built-in usage of Apache JMeter that enables users to create replica environments for scaling, clustering tools and the constant platform support you get as part of the Shopware Enterprise license.

Due to its prominent power, Shopware is gaining increasing popularity among worldwide online shop owners. Here, at LitExtension, we also noticed a rising number of customers who want to move from their current platforms to Shopware.

Therefore, in this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to migrate e-commerce website to Shopware.

Let’s get started!

What is the most optimal solution to migrate e-commerce website to Shopware?

There are quite a few plugins on Shopware store that allow to migrate e-commerce website to Shopware, some of which are free but some costs you the Earth. However, both these free and costly type of plugins only supports a limited number of platforms, around 7, for example: Magento, OXID eShop, Veyton, Gambio,… to Shopware. And they will only migrate some types of data, not all.

Plus, when it comes to migration which is a very complicated process that requires some substantive preparation stage, it is highly recommended that you should not do it alone without a technical expert.

Therefore, the most optimal solution should be using LitExtension migration service. We offer the top-quality service with only from $59 to migrate your store from 80+ most popular platforms. You can choose to run the migration yourself with our automated tool and the help of our technical support team, or use our All-In-One service in which our experts will take care of everything for you from top to bottom and perform all the customization needed.

What data can you migrate to Shopware?

With LitExtension, you can migrate almost every important data as follows:

  • Products

Name, SKU, Short Description, Full Description, Status, Manufacturer , Tax Class

Price, Special Price

Meta Title , Meta Description

Weight, Width, Height, Depth

Product Tags, Up-sells, Cross-sells

Attributes: (Name, Values)

Downloadable Products: (Files, Expiration Date), Grouped Products: (Associated Products)

Variants : (SKU, Weight, Quantity, Images, Price, Special Price)

Base Image, Thumbnail Image, Additional Images

Quantity, Manage Stock

  • Product Categories

Name, Description, Sort Order


URL , Meta Title , Meta Description

  • Manufacturers:

Name , image

  • Taxes

Tax Class: (Tax name, Country, Tax rate)

  • Customers

First Name, Last Name, Email, Passwords

Billing Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name, Last Name)

Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, First Name, Last Name)

  • Orders

ID , Order Date, Order Status, Order Products: (Name, SKU, Option), Product Price, Quantity, Discount Price, Tax Price, Total Price, Custom Order Status, Shipping Price, Order Status History,

Customer Name, Email, Billing Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, Telephone, First Name, Last Name)

Shipping Address: (Company, Address 1, Address 2, Country, State, City, Zip Code, First Name , Last Name)

  • Reviews: Created Date, Status, Rate, Comment, User Email
  • Multiple Languages
  • Blogs: Title, full description
  • Custom fields

Besides these data, LitExtension also provides you with some other additional options, which helps you expand the migration possibility and bring your customers the best experience on your new store with minimum cost and effort:

  • Preserve Order IDs

This option supports preserving Order IDs on a Target Store after the migration.

For example: You have OrderID #666 on Source Store. We will migrate the same ID #666 to Shopware. However, if you do not choose this option, the Order IDs on your new Shopware store will be different from the ones on your Source store.

  • Preserve Customer IDs

This option supports preserving Customer IDs on your Shopware store after the migration For Example: You have CustomerID #7777 on Source Store. We will migrate the same ID #7777 to Shopware. However, if you do not choose this option, the Customer IDs on your new Shopware store will be different from the ones on your Source store.

  • SEO URLs Migration

This option helps you to migrate Products and Categories URLs. Old URLs will be saved in your new Shopware store and maintained to keep the SEO ranking that you have been building up for years. This option allows you to preserve all the current links to your products thus saving your old customers and SEO ranking of your store.

5 simple steps to migrate e-commerce website to Shopware:

It only takes you a few hours and clicks to perform your migration with LitExtension automated tool:

  1. Register a new account or login to LitExtension website.
  2. Go to your account and click “Create New Migration” to begin.
  3. Set up your Source and Target Cart: Select your Source cart type and select Shopware as your Target cart type. Fill in the blanks with the requested information about your store following our wizard instruction.
Source & Target Cart Setup

4. Select entities you want to migrate and the additional options you may need.

Select entities to migrate
Additional Options

5. Click Start to kick off the process: You can either try our free demo first with a limit of 20 data or skip the demo to go straight to full migration by one click.

Once the migration starts, you don’t need to keep your browser open or your internet connection alive for migration to work. It is triggered and monitored in our Cloud System. You can be free for other tasks or simply take some coffee, and later get notified by email when the migration is completed.

Why you should choose LitExtension

  • Affordable Price: LitExtension is one of the few companies which provides data migration service with a fairly low cost. We have an automated pricing tool which allows you to calculate how much your migration costs and how long it takes. Suppose you want to migrate 500 products, 500 customers and the same number of orders. Then, according to the pricing tool, the approximate amount of money you will pay is $59.
  • Free Demo and Trial Migration: These two help you preview how the tool works and how your data is stored and managed in the new shopping cart.
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • 3-month Migration Assurance: We offer 3-month Free Unlimited Recent Migrations and Re-migrations for assurance in migration and make sure migration process will be completed perfectly.
  • Professional Support: LitExtension has a dedicated and professional technical support team. We provide 24/7 support by ticket, phone, live chat, or email. Hence, we can solve all of your problems quickly and accurately.
  • High Security: LitExtension has a set of practices, technologies and policies in place to ensure the highest level of security for your data. For further information, please take a look at our Data Security Policy.
  • No Technical Skills required: With LitExtension tool, your migration to Shopware is just a few clicks away. You don’t need any advanced technical skills or knowledge to deal with the migration. Besides, you always have the support team around if any concern arises.


Shopware is a robust shopping cart that if you are about to change your e-commerce platform, you should consider this name. However, migrating data to Shopware is a sophisticated process. You should rely on the help of website migration experts to make sure everything will go smoothly.

LitExtension team are confident that we are providing the most cost-effective solution to migrate e-commerce website to Shopware. We’re very excited to accompany you to this journey.

You can try our Free Demo in advance to ensure it works up to your expectation. We also provide a complete guide on our shopping cart migration process.

Don’t hesitate to leave us a message via live chat on website or an email via for any question you may have. Let’s join our community to get more eCommerce knowledge.



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