How To Migrate A Multilingual Site To WooCommerce Using Polylang

What is Polylang?

Polylang is an extension to make bilingual or multilingual WordPress websites.

Polylang allows you to create a bilingual or multilingual WordPress site

Main features

  • You can have as many languages as you want
  • When available, WordPress languages files are automatically downloaded and updated.
  • You can translate posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, menus, widgets…Custom post types, custom taxonomies, sticky posts and post formats, RSS feeds and all default WordPress widgets are supported.
  • Categories, post tags are automatically copied when adding a new post or page translation. There is also a possibility to synchronize them between post translations.
  • Support for multi sites, pretty permalinks and static front page.
  • A language switcher is provided as a widget or in the navigation menus.
  • An API is offered to theme and plugins programmers.

How does LitExtension perform migration to Polylang?

Step 1: Set up Polylang plugin in WooCommerce store

Set up Polylang plugin in WooCommerce store
Choose Languages

Step 2: Create A New Migration

2.1. Enter Magento Store Information

Fill Source Store URL
Fill Target Store URL

Step 3: Select Entities You Want To Migrate

Choose entities you want to migrate. You can select either all of them together or certain data. For example, only Products, Customers or Orders.

Choose entities to migrate
Additional Options
Language & Order Status Mapping

Step 4: Perform Migration from Magento to WooCommerce

  • To Try Demo: Start your demo migration with a limited number of entities. You will see the same actions as the actual migration.
  • To Perform Full Migration: Please click on “Skip Demo Migration” button to perform full migration immediately. After starting, it will run seamlessly on the server. Therefore, you don’t need to keep your PC on during the process. It is completely safe to turn it off! Take a break, have a cup of coffee and you’ll receive a notification via email.
Full migration is running


Now your new store has been successfully migrated from the source store with the corresponding languages powered by Polylang plugin. Besides migrating to Polylang, LitExtension also supports migrate to WPML. In general, it all comes down to the matter of setting up plugin consenting you to create multi languages on your new WordPress site.



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