How to Bulk Update Data and Import New Entities Quickly After Migration

By Litextension

LitExtension Smart Update

What does Smart Update do?

With “Smart Update” feature, in order to update data which has been modified in your Source store after the migration, our tool will compare data fields in both store and look for the differences. If there is any, it will immediately perform the update in your new store.

  1. Quantity and stock
  2. Price
  3. Categories
  4. Product name
  5. SEO URL

How can you use LitExtension Smart Update?

Smart Update will only be performed after you’ve finished a full migration with LitExtension. Then, go back to your “My Migrations” page, you will see a purple button named “Smart Update”, click on it and you’re on the way.

Smart Update
Smart Update
Check result smart update


Our “Smart Update” feature has been available for all eCommerce solution pairs. Please check the full list of shopping carts that LitExtension supports here.



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