How BigCommerce Payment Gateways Work


  • The definition of BigCommerce and payment gateway
  • Types of payment gateways
  • How BigCommerce payment gateways work
  • #4 BigCommerce best payment gateway processors


What is BigCommerce?

What is Payment Gateway?

4 Types of Payment Gateways

Hosted payment gateways

  • High security: This benefits the merchant because the payment service provider manages the entire transaction process and provides greater security and data protection for a fee.
  • Easy to use: They frequently use templates that require you to just input information. They also require no maintenance from merchants because the payment service provider (PSP) manages the process.
  • Customizable: Most of the top-rated PSPs let you partially modify the checkout page so that it reflects your company’s branding.
  • Incompleted customer experience: Because of the external payment gateway factors, the merchant is unable to supervise the complete customer’s purchasing experience. You may modify the checkout page and choose which PSP to use, but the PSP ultimately controls the process.

Self-hosted payment gateways

  • Good customer experience: Merchants have complete control over the customer experience when using a self-hosted payment gateway.
  • Easy to track customer flow: This helps you to better track client data for future marketing initiatives. When a consumer completes a transaction via a non-hosted gateway, you can associate that transaction with the customer’s account and follow their purchasing patterns.
  • High responsibility: Using a self-hosted payment gateway means you are responsible for guaranteeing transaction security and data protection throughout the checkout process.
  • Technical support: If there are any problems with the checkout page, you will be responsible for troubleshooting. You would have to hire a professional which could be costly if you can’t resolve the problem by yourself.

API hosted payment gateways

  • Customizable: A payment API can improve a customer’s purchase experience by reducing the need to fill out checkout forms, which can be time-consuming. Customers may finish a purchase on a mobile device with just a few taps thanks to the option to reuse existing payment information.
  • Capable of Integration: Customers can interact with your company in multiple places. You may use the same payment infrastructure to enable payments on your mobile app and your company’s Twitter or Instagram feed, along with your company’s traditional web environment.
  • Complicated security: Because APIs may be accessible via the internet, they will suffer from the same drawbacks as any other Internet-based resources. Security — Compliance with PCI DSS and the purchase of SSL certification are requirements that merchants must closely adhere to.

Local bank integration/Direct Payment Gateway

  • Quick and easy to set up.
  • Basic feature only.

How BigCommerce Payment Gateways Work

BigCommerce Payment Processing
  • Integrates with your store and allows you to process the customer’s payment details.
  • Securely encrypts and transmits all payment information.
  • Redirects the customer to a confirmation page or advises them to try another payment option if the system confirms or denies the payment to your store.

How to add Payment gateway to BigCommerce store

  • To see the available BigCommerce payment gateways, go to Store Setup
  • Select Payments
  • Click on Online Payment Methods
  • Locate your preferred gateway and click Set up. Then you will instantly jump to the BigCommerce payment gateway’s setup page. You will see a list of necessary credentials. Then, you have to log into or contact your payment gateway to access it.
  • When you’ve finished entering your authorization and settings, click Save.

Additional Settings

  • Display Name — This is how your consumers will see the payment option when they check out.
  • Duplicate window — This helps an identical order can be received without being identified as a duplicate and deleted in a short period.
  • Test mode enables you to conduct a transaction without charging your card; we urge that you only use Live or Production to prevent losing dollars on legitimate purchases.

#4 BigCommerce Best Payment Gateway Processors


  • International Payment/Credit Card Acceptance
  • Support for several currencies
  • Fees for withdrawals
  • Customer Support Secured Documentation Settlement Days
  • Integration of Mobile App Payment Gateways: iOS and Android


  • Create a personalized checkout experience
  • Stripe’s API and dashboard provide real-time information on charges, fees, refunds, and transfers…
  • Allow you to extract the data straight from the API
  • Support for a variety of other programming languages

  • No hidden costs and competitively priced
  • Provide a mobile option and access to transaction data from any location
  • Satisfactory customer service
  • Excellent payment method for billing and creating account reports
  • Feature a strong sandbox environment that is ideal for testing


  • Customized subscription plans
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language support
  • Customized checkout options
  • Multiple payment methods






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Our Automated Shopping Cart Migration Service helps you move your online store to a better e-commerce platform with ease. Learn more at

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