Guide on How to Start an eCommerce Business Within A Week — Tried & True

How To Start An eCommerce Business In A Week: 10+ Crucial Steps

So how do you find a good niche for your eCommerce business? Take a look to see if your buyers:

- Have a problem that they want to solve, but there are little to no available solutions
- Are eager to spend money on the solution
- Can afford the price of the solution you provide

To make it easier to find your niche, consider what kind of product you want to offer to your customers as well:

- Are you selling physical or digital products?
- If it’s physical, who will be your supplier?
- If it’s digital, where do you plan to source it?

Learn more about digital products and how you can sell them:

Best eCommerce platforms to sell digital products
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The most suitable eCommerce platforms to sell subscriptions

Choosing the right business model is an important step in starting your eCommerce store

If you feel interested in learning more about how to start a dropshipping business or a print on demand brand, here are some detailed eCommerce startup guides:

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How to start a print on demand business

A consistent brand image will leave a lasting impression for customers

Find out super unique and profitable products to sell on marketplaces here:

Best Selling Items on eBay in 2022

Best Selling Items on Etsy in 2022

Still need more options? Check out these free eCommerce platforms, or this list of 5 most user-friendly platforms for your consideration.

What To Do After Launching Your eCommerce Business?

Why You Should Start An eCommerce Business

How Much Does It Cost To Start An eCommerce Business?

Here are the latest pricings of a few widely used eCommerce platforms:

Shopify Pricing in 2022

WooCommerce Pricing in 2022

Squarespace Pricing in 2022

Wix Pricing in 2022

Final Thoughts

FAQs: How To Start An eCommerce Business



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