Discover The Winning Products on eBay 2020

Winning Products on eBay 2020

Needless to say, eBay is one of the dominators of the global online marketplace. In second-quarter 2020, eBay’s revenue increased 18% year over year and amounted to over $2.8 billion. It is certainly a good decision to start your eCommerce venture with this powerful platform. But before simply launching your online store onto eBay, make sure you have determined your target customers and your products through researching the top selling items on eBay.

So if you are interested in running a business on eBay or you want to find out the winning products on this platform, don’t miss this article.

Scroll down and explore the best selling products on eBay with us!

Top selling items on eBay during COVID-19

It’s undeniable that the COVID-19 Pandemic has had an enormous impact on eCommerce merchants. According to the guidelines WHO (World Health Organization) released, people should stay at home, avoid crowded places, do exercises, and protect themselves from Coronavirus. This leads to an increasing demand for certain product categories and online shopping. eBay, one of the largest online marketplaces, has been busier thanks to the rapidly evolving consumer behavior. This is the chance of a lifetime for online retailers to start selling on this booming marketplace and generate record profits.

Here are the best selling products on eBay during these hard times:

  • Face masks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Dumbbells
  • Webcams
  • Weight Plates
  • Pull Up Bars
  • Clippers and trimmers
  • Puzzles
  • Books
  • Crafts

Discover top selling items on eBay 2020

1. Electronics

A statistic of eMarketer points out that before the COVID-19 pandemic, Computer and consumer electronics account for a 22% share of US retail eCommerce sales in 2020. The trend of shopping for these products continues to increase in the light of the strong technology development regardless of the impact of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

On eBay, Electronics products are the top selling items including speakers, headphones, and automated home technologies such as TVs, ovens, lights, and speakers.

Among them, headphones and smart speakers are the two hottest items. Besides, your shoppers tend to buy branded-tech items from JBL, Sony Apple or Samsung, etc. The price range for these electronics is pretty large depending on which product you sell. For example, the top headphone’s price varies from $36.99 to $183.85.

top selling items on eBay
Best Consumer Electronics

However, there are some worth noting problems when selling these products:

  • DOA (Dead on Arrival issues): In fact, there are a number of failed products by default from your supplier. So if you don’t wanna get bad reviews from your customers, you should check one by one yours.
  • Battery issues: If you sell battery-powered products such as laptops or BlueTooth speakers, you will face some problems relating to Lithium-Ion Batteries restrictions. For example, you need to meet the requirements for shipping services, weight limit, and so on.
  • Complexity of use: Depending on how complex your products are, you have to deal with customer support issues. It is because not all of your shoppers are good at technology.

If you don’t cope with these issues wisely, you might receive bad reviews and complaints about your products/ service from customers.

2. Clothing & Shoes

Clearly, Clothing & Shoes is an attractive industry for any merchant running a business on eBay. Lower digital barriers to entry for all clothing merchants offer the opportunity to market, sell, and fulfill orders globally and automatically.

Top selling items on eBay in terms of Clothing grant the names of Jeans, Men’s T-shirts, and Men’s hats.

top selling items on eBay
Best Men’s Hats — eBay

Most of the best selling Men’s hats are cap and wool watch cap style. Plus, shoppers tend to choose items that have famous brands like Adidas, Nike or Rothco.

top selling items on eBay
Best Women’s Jeans — eBay

About Shoes, the most popular products are Sneakers and Running shoes that are made by famous brands like Nike, Adidas, and Puma. The medium price for these best selling Men’s Athletic shoes is $54.3

top selling items on eBay
Best Men’s Athletic Shoes — eBay

But wait! There are some notable things when you start selling Clothing and Shoe items on eBay:

  • Large MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities): There are a bunch of online merchants importing clothing from China then sell them on eBay. In fact, products in China are usually manufactured in massive quantities. So in case you want to have clothes with your own brand, they might ask you for high minimum quantities like 500 or even 1000 products. It seems impossible to those who have a small budget.
  • Sizing issues: Although you give detailed sizing instructions, it’s unavoidable that you may need to deal with returned products that don’t fit your shoppers.
  • Overstock: Please remember that changes in season bring changes in fashion. It means it’s hard to avoid over-stock. Therefore, you should manage your stock carefully and launch essential sales promotion campaigns.

3. Fitness

Today, more and more people do fitness to be stronger, have a healthy lifestyle, and get a well-built body. In addition, The COVID-19 Pandemic has made a great contribution to increasing the demand for Sporting products. Therefore, Fitness products including yoga equipment are becoming one of the top selling items on eBay.

According to eBay, best selling Fitness Equipment and Gear products are Resistance Loop Bands, Aerobic Step, and Suspension Trainer. They are the home fitness equipment that the shoppers can easily buy and do exercise at home conveniently.

top selling items on eBay
Best Fitness Equipment & Gear — eBay

However, there are a couple of particular challenges that only exist in the fitness industry that you should be aware of to overcome:

  • Technical specifications: Each fitness product is for some specific exercises only. Depending on the usage and technical complexity of the fitness products you sell, you have to show these specs in the neatest, most organized way possible.
  • Industry competition: Many fitness products are too expensive or inconvenient for individuals to buy, so hiring is also a good choice. Beside dealing with other fitness sales companies, you also have to cope with lenders/renters. This rivalry is extremely hard because you might be selling the same brands and styles as your rivals. In that case, make sure to distinguish yourself by offering better deals such as post-purchase services return policy, maintenance and guarantee if necessary.
  • Service and repair plan for equipment: Similar to other types of equipment, fitness equipment has its own lifespan. You may meet any costs incurred as a result of offering guarantee. The main challenge here is balancing this with your cost to keep a reasonable profit margin, especially when price is such a major determining factor in whether or not you win more sales.

4. Furniture and Home Decor

Furniture and Home Decor are top selling items under the Home and Garden industry on eBay. Home Decor Market Report 2020 points out that Home decor market is witnessing robust growth all over the world. Due to the rapid growth of the real estate industry, the sharing of decor trends and other factors, the number of customers for these products is increasing and more enormous.

Home furniture, Afghans & Throw Blankets, and Bookends are the hottest products of Furniture and Home Decor.

top selling items on eBay
Blanket Sofa Cover Wall Hanging — eBay
Blanket Sofa Cover Wall Hanging
Dragon Bookends for sale online — eBay
top selling items on eBay
Table — eBay

Before choosing products in this niche to sell on an online platform like eBay, you should be aware of the following issues:

  • Shipping furniture is expensive: Beside distance, shipping fee also depends on the size and weight of your products. Meanwhile, the majority of furniture is made of wood or other heavy materials, which pushes your furniture shipping cost up a lot. Moreover, it would be harder for furniture retailers to ship nationwide compared to other items.
  • Delivery time: It can take up to weeks or months to ship big items to the door of your customers.
  • Products sourcing: it is really hard to find good styles at good prices online. A lot of online furniture is ugly. Affordable wholesale furniture is generally badly designed, so it is hard to curate good design relative to the better multi-channel retailers.

5. Jewelry and Watches

Statista, a famous research website shows that global online jewelry sales are predicted to reach a market value of $340 billion by 2023, later reaching $645 billion by 2035. What an impressive number! Pl, Jewelry and Watches are lightweight, easy to ship compared to some Electronics shipping restrictions. So, they are ideal products to sell on one of the largest global eCommerce platforms — eBay.

The winning products in Jewelry & Watches categories are Fashion Necklaces & Pendants, Wristwatch Bands, and Wristwatch.

top selling items on eBay
Fashion Necklaces- eBay
top selling items on eBay
Wristwatches — eBay

There are some worth noting things if you are going to run a jewelry and watch online store:

  • Designs: Okay, now your shoppers are visiting a fashion store. So make sure everything on your site from the site interface to product images has a good look. Let’s upload high-quality product photos to improve the user experience and sell more.
  • Auction style listings: This is an excellent feature for selling jewelry, especially if you’re marketing secondhand pieces. eBay auction allows you to choose a start price for an item. The shoppers are interested then place bids. When the auction ends, you sell the product at a higher price.

6. Collectibles

TV & Movie Character Toys are the top selling items on eBay under the Collectibles category.

Based on the 2020 toy and gaming trends report, the effect of cartoon characters from TV shows and movie franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, etc increased demand for themed toys and games.

top selling items on eBay
Toy Series Mini Brands Ball — eBay
top selling items on eBay
Star Wars Yoda The Child — eBay

7. Pet supplies

Is now the time for pets?

Sure! According to CommonThread, Pet Supplies Industry Global Growth is skyrocketing and the Online Pet market is blooming. There are thousands of store owners who sell pet supplies on eBay and get considerable profit from these products. The customers consuming pet supplies are varying, from children to adults, every gender and occupation.

In terms of Pet Supplies, we shouldn’t miss the place for Dog and Cat Supplies. These products are the top selling items on eBay including dog food, cat food, and cat tree.

top selling items on eBay
Best Pet Supplies — eBay

How to start selling on eBay

Now that you know the top selling items on eBay under different categories. So if you are selling these winning products on other channels but eBay, let’s start selling on eBay.

You can follow the Detailed Guide released by eBay to create your own eBay store and sell your products on this platform.

Especially, if you have a Shopify store and now you want to sell on both eBay, Shopify eBay integration makes it easy. In 2017, these two giants partnered together to launch an integration that allows Shopify merchants to list and sell their products on eBay directly from the Shopify account.

To discover the great benefits of this integration and see how to sell on eBay through Shopify, let’s visit Shopify eBay integration.


After reading this article, you may have had an overview of products that are proven to be in good demand on eBay. As other sellers are blooming by selling these items, you also have a good chance of benefiting from them. In case you are not interested in any products listed above, make sure to use them as references to do better market research.

Besides, each niche has its own problems that you have to cope with. Taking notice of our notes in each category will help you take a closer step to your success on eBay.

Hopefully, the top selling items on eBay that I mentioned above can give you some useful ideas for your future eBay store.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our dedicated 24/7 support. Thanks for reading and see you in the next articles.




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