blakc Black Friday eCommerce Strategy: Everything You Need to Nail BFCM 2022


Over the last 2 years, online shopping has been booming because of the Covid pandemic. Will eCommerce still be booming that way? The answer is still yes! Are you ready to handle a great flow of traffic of your online stores this Black Friday 2022? Are your stores robust enough to do so? This BFCM season, let LitExtension guide you through an ultimate Black Friday eCommerce strategy for your stores to survive.

18 Black Friday Strategies for eCommerce Business 2022

#1 Optimize website for mobile

According to eMarketer, smartphone-generated mobile sales will reach $432.24 billion in 2022. There is a high demand for mobile online shopping, which triggers an urgent need for any e-merchant to further optimize their website for mobile phones.

  • Test your mobile rich result by using Google Mobile-Friendly Test
  • Select responsive themes & plugins tailored to your mobile website
  • Customize pop-ups for mobile
  • Choose a reliable web hosting service

#2 Improve website navigation

Website navigation is a collection of user interface components that assist in finding content and features on a website. It enables your visitors to easily access and grasp promotions as well as various offers that may be available on your website.

  • Include only links & the most important data-based information in Header
  • Organize categorization + subcategories in a proper way
  • List a product or subcategory under several parent categories if it is pertinent for clarity and usability
  • Make use of Mega menus for large inventories

#3 Create Black Friday eCommerce homepage

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the most important shopping days of the year. And, let’s “get the most out of your homepage” to get the most out of BFCM.

LitExtension BFCM Landing Page
  • Coupons. Create some specialized coupons tailored only for the BFCM season. Name your coupons in a memorable and humorous way so that your customers will come back and apply it at the checkout.
  • Discounts. Offer generous and appealing discounts (normally above 50%). Display your offers attractively so that your customers can see them.
  • Hourly or Daily Offers. Create a sense of uniqueness and urgency. Show your customers that your coupons or discounts will be in limited time that will trigger them to make purchases.

#4 Optimize product pages for Black Friday

Next on our Black Friday eCommerce strategy is to tailor product pages for Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Example from PUMA for various product angles
WooCommerce product attributes

#5 Improve site performance

Compress & optimize product images

  • Include focus keyword on alt text & title
  • Optimize image size
  • Select right image format
  • Examine images on each product page
Shopify product adding
GTmetric Audit
  • Faster site loading speed
  • More powerful eCommerce features
  • Better UI/UX
  • Finer site navigation

#6 Add live chat to your online store

Why include a live chat feature? Live chat puts customers at ease!

Live Chat

#7 Use website pop ups

Coming up next on our Black Friday ideas for eCommerce is pop-up. A pop-up is a small window that appears while you are browsing website. They are primarily used by marketers for advertising and lead generation. What’s the benefits of integrating pop-ups into your website?

Black Friday eCommerce strategy — Website Pop-up

#8 Simplify checkout experience

  • Coupons for percentage discounts
  • Coupon for free shipping
  • Purchase incentives
  • Loyalty-based promotional codes

#9 Optimize payment process

Using multiple payment gateways enables you to accept a wide range of payment methods while allowing customers to pay in their preferred currency. It makes your company more adaptable and scalable. It is also extremely beneficial to growing businesses that are expanding globally.

#10 Adopt buy now, pay later (BNPL)

Online purchases using “Buy Now Pay Later” services are increasing at 39% per year in the UK. Isn’t that enormous? With this payment option integrated into your eCommerce website, you give your customers the option to buy the product now and pay for it later in installments.

  • High conversion rate.You can retain these customers by offering them affordability and the convenience of making payments in installments through the Pay Later option on your eCommerce website.
  • Increased order value. You can sell customers high-value products and allow them to pay in installments. This allows your company to place larger orders and customers to buy from brands without having to make large payments all at once.
  • Purchasing flexibility. Customers are happier when they have more flexibility in their purchasing decisions.

#11 Set up Upsell & Cross-sell

Upselling is a common sales technique in which a seller encourages a customer to buy a more expensive product or upgrade to a premium version of the item in question.

  • Create a sense of urgency by offering exciting discounts
  • Use persuasive copy to convince customers to purchase
  • Upsell higher quality or premium product versions
  • Cross-sell complementary products
  • Use related upsells & cross-sells to the original product

#12 Invest in multichannel selling

Multichannel selling is the most effective way to scale a business because it puts your company in front of as many customers as possible, connects with customers at various stages of the buyer journey, and lowers risk.

#13 Rescue abandoned carts

Shopping cart abandonment occurs when a potential customer adds items to their cart but does not complete their purchase. It could be caused by a lack of incentives, vague return policies, or high shipping costsThis is one of today’s most difficult eCommerce challenges!

  • Make use of an excellent subject line
  • Create a creative abandoned cart email template
  • Remind your visitors about the item they abandoned & offer incentives
  • Include a stunning CTA

#14 Add reviews

Product reviews increase customer trust and loyalty. Having product reviews on your online store demonstrates what distinguishes your products from similar brands and can boost your credibility. Product reviews motivate previous customers to interact with your brand.

#15 Personalize customer experience

Customers expect businesses to understand their unique interests and preferences and to treat them as individuals rather than customer segments. A personalized customer experience enables this by delivering personalized messaging, offers, and products to each individual.

  • Show recently viewed items
  • Target products based on customer’s geographic location
  • Deliver personalized email marketing
  • Offer customized coupons/upsells at checkout

#16 Add countdown

#17 Implement a transparent return policy

A transparent return policy lets your customers feel secured as they’re assured what they are purchasing is guaranteed. If a retailer does not provide this guarantee, customers might become suspicious and avoid purchasing the product.

Refund Policy

#18 Test your website!

At this stage, you have completed all of the eCommerce website preparations for Black Friday 2022. It’s time for the last, but the most important step — test your website performance again and again to avoid missing and regretting ahead of Black Friday 2022.

Black Friday eCommerce Strategy — FAQs

  1. How do I prepare for Black Friday eCommerce?
    This Black Friday event, don’t forget to apply our 18 steps to be ever ready. Ranging from landing page to the product page, don’t miss any single step to get ready for this season.
  2. How can I attract customers on Black Friday?
    You can run some social campaigns that are personalized to the BFCM season. There are so many more ways to attract customers this Black Friday season, from starting with Black Friday email marketing to boosting Black Friday sales via Social Media & SMS or doing some Video Marketing and enticing them with freebies.
  3. How can I increase sales on Black Friday?
    You can upsell, cross sell, apply sale promotions. Or you can visit our article on 20+ Great Ways to Highly Increase Sales Volume to grasp the most of this Black Friday
  4. Should I launch a new product on Black Friday?
    The Black Friday weekend is an excellent time to launch a new product; however, in order for your product launch to be successful, you must generate newfound excitement among both new and existing customers. You can raise awareness through your blog, store promotions, or collaboration with industry influencers.
  5. Does Black Friday have online sales?
    Of course, yes. Retail sales increased 14.1% over 2020 to $886.7 billion during the holiday season of 2021, with Black Friday remaining the most popular shopping event, with a total of 154.5 million people making purchases in stores or online.

Let’s Wrap Things Up!

You now have all of the fundamental components for developing a successful Back Friday eCommerce strategy. We hope that you can utilize our Black Friday eCommerce strategies in this article to maximize sales during the holiday shopping season.



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