5 Evergreen Black Friday Email Examples & What Makes Them So Good

By LitExtension


If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely you have tons of questions surrounding the whats, the hows, and the whys of an effective Black Friday email. What to prepare for Black Friday? How to launch a successful Black Friday marketing campaign? Why do we need to build a killer email list?

Don’t rush as you’ll get all your questions answered right away. Below, we’ve gathered 5 inspiring Black Friday email templates along with detailed explanations on what makes them so good.

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And now let’s get you all prepped up for the upcoming Black Friday season, shall we?

Casper’s Snooze Through Black Friday Email

Here is an excellent example of both creative email design and creative email copy. This newsletter from Casper — a mattress company doesn’t look much like anything else you’re used to in your overflowing inbox.

Subject Line: Snooze through the sales…

Reasons Why It’s Good

The image of multiple alarms set is what you see every day when you’re lying in your bed, either taking another nap or just waking up. Taking a closer look at the image, you’ll see that each alarm has a witty name, from “Get in line for super sale”, “Early bird gets the discount” to “You’re gonna pay full price”.

Just as you’re starting to get slightly nervous that you might miss out, you find a comforting message. It says that you can rest comfortably and even sleep through Black Friday, as you can shop with Casper from bed. All you have to do is go to the brand’s website and type in the code: SLEEPIN.

But the best thing about Casper’s Black Friday email is the clever use of imagery that aligns perfectly with Casper’s business. Bed mattress, clock app, multiple alarms and the discount code — SLEEPIN. Everything seems so connected, right?

Another thing that makes it a great Black Friday email is the second newsletter, which is even shorter than the first one. The following email targets people who chose to sleep through Black Friday despite those five urgent reminders.

So Casper decided to extend their Black Friday sales beyond the one day. This is not something new as we’re seeing more and more brands hoping their Black Friday craze to go up even later in the week after Cyber Monday. But the best thing here is Casper’s consistent use of copy and design connected to the alarm clock.


  • A good design can deliver the message quicker than words ever could.
  • But don’t under-appreciate the power of a good copy.

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Tinker Watches’ Black Friday Teaser Email

Much like a trailer teases a blockbuster movie, the teaser Black Friday email is a way to build a subscriber’s excitement for your doorbuster deals. One of our favorite teaser emails belongs to Tinker Watches.

Subject line: Something New is Coming on Black Friday ⌚

Reasons Why It’s Good

First off, the email’s subject line is already a great teaser which gets you curious about the new release.

Also, the use of the watch emoji here is quite smart. First, the product they’re about to launch is a watch. Second, the emoji happens to be in black, which fits the email’s color palette and it’s also the black in Black Friday.

The overall design is simple yet elegant. It’s not flashy and salesy at all.

The copy, starting with the “Let the countdown begin” heading, makes you look forward to the big launch and head to their website. Their copy creates a sense of mystery with phrases like “unveil”, “keep an eye out for”. And they maximize that mysterious vibe with a shadow effect on the background image.

Plus, the Black Friday email is designed in only black and white, which is pretty much a standard when it comes to Black Friday campaigns.

Key Takeaways

  • Consider using teaser emails in the run-up to Black Friday to gauge engagement.
  • Use attention-grabbing words and emojis in your Black Friday email subject lines.
  • Avoid unnecessary content by focusing on the key message of your Black Friday campaigns

Chubbies’ Funny Black Friday Email

When it comes to Black Friday email, a little levity often goes along the way. Most newsletters are boring and tend to get straight to the point — sales & discounts.

That’s why adding a fun twist to your Black Friday email can help you stand out in the sea of holiday email marketing and make your pitch more memorable.

Moreover, humor puts your readers in a positive mood. Once your clients laugh at your “jokes”, you stand a higher chance of getting time on their calendars.

Now, let’s see how Chubbies win their customers’ hearts with their great sense of humor.

Subject line: Sweats + Shorts = THE SCHWORTS

Reasons Why It’s Good

Chubbies, without a doubt, deserves a big round of applause for their creative work in this Black Friday email. The email subject line is short and funny. The image of a man lazily lounging on the couch pouring food down his throat after Thanksgiving is one-of-a-kind.

The copy and visual here are not overly complicated and they don’t have to be. Still, they effectively convey the key message that Chubbies’ shorts are comfortable.

Besides, Chubbies acknowledges that Black Friday is also a frantic time for shoppers. They are busy adding items to their cart and hurriedly checking out ahead of product sell-outs. Knowing that philosophy, Chubbies only focuses on one product instead of announcing a store-wide sale.

This can be a smart Black Friday strategy as customers will not feel overwhelmed due to a glut of options and eventually, end up purchasing those pairs of comfy shorts.

Key Takeaways

  • Lots of copy in the Black Friday email is sometimes abundant. Don’t just tell your product’s features, visually show them in an entertaining way.
  • Less is more. Sometimes, promoting one best-selling product or some selected one is way more effective.

Julep’s Last-minute Extended Sale Email

Sometimes, we’re running a little behind the Black Friday schedule and doing the shopping at the very last minute. And it’s not because we are waiting for super big deals but simply because we’re snowed under with work. Therefore, extending the sale last-second (and maybe running a sale when competitors just ended theirs) gives your customers another chance to purchase from your store.

Subject line: EXTENDED! 50%. Off. Everything.

Reasons Why It’s Good

Although this isn’t the new idea or the only email that you may find in your inbox that revolves around last-minute shopping, this Black Friday email from Julep is a great one for the following reasons:

  • It’s straightforward and quick to communicate the main offer, which is 50% off for every product.
  • The three most important elements in this email contrast well against the rest: “Extended 48 hours,” “50% off everything,” and “use code cyberwow.”
  • Other elements like the subject line, the below-the-twinkle all reemphasize the offer.

Key Takeaways

  • Make the most important elements in your Black Friday email stand out.
  • Offer extended sales to convert this special clientele — late shoppers.

Aesop’s Showcasing-product Black Friday email

What if there’s a way to show off your products but remain calming and soothing at the same time? Definitely, there is.

Let’s see how Aesop did with their Black Friday email marketing campaign!

Subject line: A measure of composure in the chaos

Reasons Why It’s Good

This Black Friday email by Aesop lets the products take center stage. It uses quality images with short but sweet descriptions, as well as multiple CTAs (“shop now”) to encourage customers to explore their products.

Also, the design and colors are airy and elegant, complimenting the products perfectly. No flashy gifs. No crossed-out previous prices. No sense of scarcity.

There’s nothing more to be said — it’s simple, beautiful, and what you should expect from a wellness brand. Among the mass of Black Friday sale emails, it’s a welcome breath of fresh air.

Key Takeaways

  • Ensure your Black Friday email has a clear CTA throughout
  • A larger font might be better

Bottom Line

We’ve rounded up a handful of battle-tested, clever Black Friday emails from multiple brands. Hopefully, these fresh tips and creative ideas can inspire your Black Friday email marketing campaign.

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