Best Website Builder for Small Business in 2022

website builder for small business


What Is a Website Builder?

6 Best Website Builder for Small Business

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My overall experience with WordPress has been very positive. It’s a great resource to launch and publish websites, blogs, and media collections very easily. It’s amazing to be able to post content to the web immediately to promote access across all system variants.

Michael M. – Director of the Global Studio – Education Management

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Want to migrate to Wix?

If you are intending to migrate to Wix, LitExtension offers a great migration service that helps you transfer your data from the current eCommerce platform to a new one accurately, painlessly with utmost security.


Wix may be a simple website builder but that doesn’t mean it’s not capable of creating beautiful sites. I initially went with Wix when a client needed a website built within a couple of days. They also wanted to be able to manage it themselves later on. Wix was easy to explain and they were extremely happy with the design. If you’re proficient in design and web concepts, Wix has Editor X which allows you to make more complex and custom websites.

Keegan D. – Business Development Manager

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For those that don’t know how to write code or for those that do, using Ucraft is super simple. The drag and drop editing is the best I have experienced with any online website designer.

Administrator in Sports

What to Expect from a Website Builder?

Website Builder for Small Business — FAQs



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