How to Delete Wix Account? (2021 Guide)

By LitExtension


Wix has always been one of the top picks when it comes to drag-and-drop website builders with a wide range of templates and niche-specific designs. However, nothing is perfect and in case you are fed up with Wix for a period of time, then you might want to delete Wix account to try out other website builders.

Reason for Deleting Wix Account

As you know, Wix is an all-in-one site builder that helps you make a stunning website, connect with customers and automate your workflow. The biggest problem with this builder is that Wix has given a lot of merchants the perception of having a good website in a few clicks. In fact, that is far from the truth, considering both the quality and the process. Many people decide to delete their Wix accounts and websites for a variety of reasons, some of which include:

  • It’s impossible to change their site’s template.

Whatever your reasons are, here is the right place where you can learn how to delete your Wix account and website. Let’s get straight to our guidance!

How to Delete Wix Account

Before closing your Wix account and website, please keep in mind that you must cancel your Premium plan and also your Wix domain and wait for them to completely expire before you close your Wix account.

To begin with, deleting your Wix account is simple enough to be done in a matter of minutes. Now, I will walk you through 4 steps so you can be confident you’ve done it correctly.

Step 1: Cancel Your Subscriptions

First and foremost, log in to your Wix account. Then, tap on your account name picture on the top right corner of your dashboard.

Your Wix’s main dashboard

After that, you will see a drop-down menu appear on the screen, simply choose the “Premium Subscriptions” option where you will see all of the subscriptions you’re paying for. On the right site, click on the ellipsis and you will see “Cancel plan” as shown below.

Cancel Wix premium subscription

The next thing you will see is the pop-up screen asking you to confirm the cancellation.

Wix wants to confirm your cancellation

After that, you sure need to select a reason why you’re cancelling your Wix account and will be asked to “Tell us more” in the required field. Hit the button “Cancel Now” when you finish.

And, you are done with the first step to delete Wix account and website. Repeat these steps for any other subscription you may have for Wix.

Step 2: Move Your Sites to Trash

The next thing you need to do to delete Wix account is moving your site to trash which is pretty straightforward.

Firstly, open the “My Sites” option on your dashboard. Then you will see the menu where you can access all of your sites and also the “Site Actions” as displayed below.

Move your Wix site to trash

Now, hover your mouse on the drop-down menu and select “Move to Trash”. Once again, Wix wants you to make sure you’re fully aware of what you are doing and asks you to re-confirm by clicking “Move to trash” again.

Your site will finally be moved to your trash bin, and again, you can repeat the steps above for any other sites you’re having.

Step 3: Remove Your Domains

You’re almost there now. The last step before completely deleting your Wix account is to clear your domains away.

There’s no need to worry about this step because removing your domains is quite similar to canceling your subscriptions! First, you need to go back to your main dashboard and select your name or email in the upper right corner. And from the drop-down menu, hit “Domains”.

Choose Domain from the Dashboard

After clicking, it will take you to the domain management page. If you bought a domain through Wix, you can choose to transfer your domain away from Wix or to a different one. In case your domain is from a third party, you can select “Remove from Wix”.

As always, Wix wants you to affirm your decision once again as following:

Reconfirm your cancellation

Go ahead and click “Remove Domain” to confirm. Now, your domain is no longer a part of your Wix account. Repeat the same process if you’re still having other domains.

Once you’ve finished, you’re ready to delete Wix account altogether.

Step 4: Close Your Wix Account

From your Wix dashboard, click on your name/email, then choose “Account Settings”.

Choose “Account Setting” from the dashboard

Now, scrolling down to the bottom and you’ll see a section called “Close your account”. The only thing in this section is a description of what you need to do before you can close your account and then hit the “Learn More” button.

Scroll down again and you’ll see a section of the article called “To close your Wix account” window. Click on Step 4 | Close your account.

Close your Wix account

As you can see in the picture above, there’ll appear the part “Click here to open the Close Your Wix Account window”. Just go ahead and click on that link.

Delete Wix Account

There’re a couple of fields here. Wix would like to hear your reason for canceling. You can choose one from the drop-down menu, or leave feedback in the optional field below. After that, simply enter your account’s password, check the book and click on “Close Account”.

A last pop-up screen will explain that you are permanently deleting your account, you won’t be able to reopen it or access your data. Be aware that this step is the last chance to back out, or else, hit the button “Close my Account“.

You finally deleted your account

Yes, you are done! Your Wix account is now permanently deleted.

What are the Best Wix Alternatives?

Wix is an easy-to-use website builder with hundreds of outstanding features. But the answer to Wix’s best alternatives will depend on your specific priorities and the purpose of your site. The fact is that many other website builders offer even more flexible and easy-to-use features than Wix. Let’s break into pieces to find out:

Shopify — Best for eCommerce

Shopify is one of the most well-known website builders for starting an online business as it offers multiple themes and requires little programming experience. Notably, using Shopify’s admin dashboard is just a piece of cake when you want to manage customers, orders or any data.

In the comparison of Shopify vs Wix, Shopify is clearly created to control and promote online stores with hundreds of powerful eCommerce features to drive sales and support your business’ growth. Furthermore, you can have a wide range of functions that Wix doesn’t support, for instance:

  • Bulk product imports

Nonetheless, in terms of hosted nature, Shopify can’t compete with Wix for customization, but Shopify has stronger and more specific sales features to support and help maximize your online store’s presence.

SquareSpace — Best for design

The best Wix alternative for good-looking designs is definitely Squarespace. While offering over 500 professionally designed templates, Wix obviously can’t compete with Squarespace’s clean and structured look.

Needless to say, Wix is famous for the high level of creative control with the drag-and-drop editing tool. Surprisingly, many Wix users find this kind of unlimited editing style can cause anxiety for making a professional eye-catching website. Plus, once you have chosen a Wix theme, you won’t be able to change it.

Squarespace’s templates, on the other hand, use sections, spaces, and blocks to help move and guide your customization. Moreover, what attracts users to choose Squarespace is the great number of tailored templates, and it’s clear why this platform is the favorite for aesthetics.

It’s worth ranking Squarespace as the best website builder when it comes to branding, user experience, and design thanks to its style and its large number of templates.

Check out our detailed comparison between Wix vs Squarespace for a full review.

WordPress — Best for blogging is the packaged website builder edition of (an Open-source CMS version). The truth is that you can create blogs easily and effortlessly with both Wix vs WordPress because of its ease of use and customizability. However, when finding the best option for Wix alternative, is closer to an actual website builder and more accessible to beginners. is made for blogging and it’s absolutely doing its best! We put WordPress on this list by reason of its limitless capabilities and opportunities to expand.

This builder has all the features you could wish for. It includes adding comments, blog detail analytics, display categories, an RSS feed, and the capability to restore and review older blogs. Particularly, you can extend your blog using plugins and add any further functions that you can think of. Keep in mind that, there’s a pretty steep learning curve for using WordPress because it requires a bit of technical expertise to help you power your blog.


All in all, this article just brought you step-by-step guidance on how to delete Wix account and suggested the top 3 Wix’s alternatives. Although this instruction may seem long, the whole process actually takes just a couple of minutes. Hopefully, we’ve provided enough information to help you delete Wix account and website as painlessly as possible.

Furthermore, after listing Wix’s alternatives, you might want to move your online store to Shopify, Squarespace, or WordPress to get a taste of a more robust builder. Fortunately, LitExtension is here to assist you with qualified experts who will guarantee accurate performance and the highest level of security to your store’s data. We are proud to have 96% of users satisfied with our services according to Financeonline. On Youtube, we also have lots of customer testimonial videos that you can look for.

If you are a merchant and are looking for a way to migrate your data from one eCommerce platform to a more powerful one, don’t hesitate to contact us via live chat, email or join our Facebook Community for further eCommerce trends and news.