7 Ways to Speed up WooCommerce Store

WooCommerce Speed Up


If you are looking for ways to speed up WooCommerce store, then you are in the right place. A slow website has a greater chance to lose its customers as people value time and have a short attention span. Additionally, it will affect your search rankings.

How to measure your WooCommerce store speed

It is very important to measure the speed of a website to know if the website is performing well or not (in terms of speed). There are many online tools like Pingdom, Gtmetrix, and more through which you can easily measure the speed and test your site performance.

Here are the 7 ways to speed up WooCommerce store!

In this article, I will explain 7 easy ways through which the loading time and speed of a WooCommerce store can be increased. These ways can help store owners to retain their customers and attract new ones by having a good site performance. It would not be wrong to say that with the increment in the performance of a website, the revenue will also increase.

1. Choose a reliable WooCommerce hosting provider

If the website is unlucky and having performance issues, then one of the best ways to optimize its speed is using a reliable and fast WordPress WooCommerce hosting provider like Cloudways.

  • WordPress hosting recommendation compliance
  • An optimized stack like LAMP /LEMP
  • CDN
  • WordPress cache plugin
  • Other cache packages like Varnish and Redis
  • 24/7 expert support
  • Managed cloud servers
  • SSL Certificate
  • Datacenter across the world (choose nearest server location is very important)
  • Scaling Servers
  • SSD Based Storage
Source: Cloudways

2. Enable server and browser Cache

Caching is the process in which the resources of a website are copied and stored. Caching helps reduce the time taken for the transfer of this data.

Source: WordPress

3. Optimize your images

Another major reason for a slow website is the large images that take much more time to load. Through optimizing and compressing the images, a store can load faster.

4. Content Delivery Networks (CDNs)

CDNs can help a WooCommerce store load faster. A CDN is a framework of distributed servers that delivers the resources of the website to the user. There are three main points that are involved in the working of a CDN: the website’s origin, the CDN, and the user’s location. When a user is close to an ‘edge server’ of a CDN, the data would not need to be delivered from the far located original server.

Source: WordPress

5. Fast and lightweight theme

WooCommerce themes also play an important role in its performance. It is always recommended to choose a lightweight and fast theme for your online store. There are many lightweight themes available out there like OceanWP that offer powerful features and stunning design for your WooCommerce store.

Source: WordPress

6. WordPress memory limit

You can also increase the WordPress memory limit, which is set to 32 MB by default. In most cases, it is suggested to change and configure WordPress memory to 256 MB.

7. Optimize website code

Sometimes store owners apply all the essentials and ways to improve their site speed but due to an unoptimized website code, they are unable to achieve good performance. So, in that case, it is always recommended to write a clean and optimized code for your website. And also avoid using poorly coded plugins and themes.

Final words!

I hope this article helped you understand and learn how to improve the speed of your WooCommerce store. I have highlighted seven powerful ways that you can apply and follow to achieve high-speed performance.



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