3dCart and X-Cart: The Competition Between Two Powerful Ecommerce Platform

By Litextension

The e-commerce market offers a various range of e-commerce platforms nowadays and you are struggling to find what shopping cart is the best among many different powerful platforms.

Especially, if you’re in the process of selecting a suitable platform between 3dCart and X-Cart, it’s even more difficult because both 3dCart and X-Cart provide stunning features for building and maintaining fully-customisable online stores.

To make your selection process easier, we conducted a comparison between 3dCart and X-Cart. Let’s find out what is the highlight of these both platforms!

3dCart vs X-Cart: Pricing

Basically, 3dCart offers four product packages which are Startup Store, Basic Store, Plus Store, Pro Store and a free trial version in 15 days for those who want to test and experience 3dCart features. The pricing plans is ranging from 19$ to ~229$ monthly and from 17,10$ to 206,10$ annually.

3dcart and x-cart

Compare to 3dCart, X-Cart provides for customers three different options, you can choose:

There are four main product packages available which are: Free edition (free); Business (495$); Multi-vendor (1,495$) and Ultimate (5,995$).

3dcart vs x-cart

The difference is in the number and type of features each one offers in certain price. If you want to know more about which features are offered for specific plan, you can visit 3dCart Pricing and X-Cart Pricing for detailed information.

3dCart vs X-Cart: Ease of use

First, it’s obvious that Ease of use is the most important factor of every e-commerce customer, not only with beginners but also experienced e-commerce entrepreneurs. In reality, ease of use always ranks highly when it comes to what customers want from an e-commerce platform because simplicity is one of the keys which make both platforms stand out to potential customers.

Overall, 3dCart scores higher in terms of ease of use than X-Cart. On the 3dCart dashboard, you can easily start building step-by-step your website with the navigation bar on the left-hand side. In additional, 3dCart has some intro and tutorial videos and all the steps you need to take are all available right on the dashboard. In contrast to 3dCart, X-Cart is very intuitive and integrates some of the more advanced features on the market, so you can’t do much with the software if you have the skills and resources to make changes.

Moreover, this is how customers talk about the easy-to-use function of 3dCart: “A true WYSIWYG site and super easy to use. I had my site ready in about 3 weeks with over 300 different products.” (capterra.com)

“Easy to use with great information on how certain things work.” (capterra.com)

3dCart vs X-Cart: Features

Next, these both powerful platforms offer many prominent features which help customers to easily manage their store and scale the business performance. Below are the standard ones:

Besides essential ones, there are many differences in product features between X-Cart and 3dCart which become their own strong points. For 3dCart, it supports for backorders and wait lists, it also concentrates to develop Inventory Control including batch editing and low stock alerts. Moreover, 3dCart provides CRM, Email and Social Media Integration; Electronic Payments; Labeling; Monitoring and supports Multi-Channel Marketing.

For X-Cart, it definitely concentrates in store maintenance and security features like product database, SEO and online Marketing and in creating a loyalty program for customers. Furthermore, X-Cart offers Custom Development; Customer Accounts; Customizable Templates and PCI DSS Compliance.

3dCart vs X-Cart: Integrations

In one hand, X-Cart supports REST API which means X-Cart can be integrated with virtually software or service. It is already integrated with a various number of integration systems, including:

In another hand, 3dCart offers integrations with a variety of companies designed to allow customers to multiple sales channels. Moreover, it also supports integrations with account management software Quickbooks, Doba, MailChimp, tax solution such as Avalara and Tax Cloud, along with shipping software, for example Shipworks, Bongo and Shipstation. Beside that, 3dCart additionally supports integrations with real-time shipping carriers USPS, FedEx, UPS, DHL,..etc. In general, 3dCart as an industry trendsetter, is always looking for ways to enhance its platform, especially via new integrations, to ensure 3dCart will be a better all-in-one e-commerce solution.

3dCart vs X-Cart: Security

Basically, the priority of these both e-commerce platform 3dCart and X-Cart is to ensure the security of customer information. So, both of them provide a security protocol HTTPS for all pages (web-based apps) and an app Reports/alerts for security breaches.

However, X-Cart has the spotlight because it can guarantee the security of inactive data stored on any device and network and customer data is removed upon service cancellation. 3dCart provides Multi-factor authentication options to require users to enter 2 or more credentials to log in.

3dCart vs X-Cart: Language support and Customer support

X-Cart totally beats 3dCart in this part, both Language support and Customer support. In fact, X-Cart supports 7 languages such as English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Russian, Swedish but 3dCart supports only English.

Beside, Customer service is an important part of every business when you set up an e-commerce site. With the good team assistance, not only can you get the job done faster and more easily but you can also make an optimal use of the site’s functionalities when you are a first-time user.

Following are support options that both X-Cart and 3dCart offer:

In addition the above-mentioned, X-Cart also supports via Email and this could be the factor that puts X-Cart ahead of 3dCart.

3dCart migration and X-Cart migration

You want to scale your online business by switching your old store to 3dCart or to X-Cart. Here you are, let LitExtension — The ultimate shopping cart migration tool helps you so that migrate to 3dCart or migrate to X-Cart becomes faster, easier and safer!

Furthermore, we provide you with two options to perform the migration as follows:

Based on recent report from LitExtension, our customers usually move their store to X-Cart from those 4 platforms:

Then, LitExtension’s customers also ask for migration from those 4 platforms below to 3dCart:


Hence, In the 3dCart and X-Cart battle, the result will differ depending on who is judging and what is the business goal. Whereas 3dCart is available for all types of business, X-Cart is suitable for only small business, medium business and large enterprises, not for freelancers.

Finally, that’s our comparison between 3dCart and X-Cart. If you already have one e-store on another e-commerce platform and are considering to switch to 3dCart or to X-Cart, it would be great when you try a Free Demo of LitExtension first, you can see how your products and other information are displayed and managed on the target platform.

Don’t hesitate to contact us via Live Chat on our website for further information about 3dCart and X-Cart.