How to Export nopCommerce Data and Perform nopCommerce Migration

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nopCommerce Migration

nopCommerce is a popular open-source e-commerce platform based on Microsoft’s ASP.NET Core framework and MS SQL Server 2012 backend Database. It offers users a high ability of customization, a catalog frontend, and an administration tool for management and monitoring. This platform was built for small to medium-sized businesses. Therefore, when your business grows to a certain extent, you may find yourself looking for a more scalable shopping cart.

That’s when the moment of store migration desire comes.

Shopping cart data migration has always been a complicated process which may require the store owners to have broad experience in website development and to devote their time, effort, money. Currently, there are 3 ways to migrate the nopCommerce website. Therefore, this article will provide you a thorough instruction on how to perform nopCommerce migration by these 3 ways and a comparison among them.

Read on to find your best practice!

Export/Import manually

The first method is to export nopCommerce data and then import them to the platform you want manually. Before we start, it’s important for you to check whether the platform you’re moving to supports files importing or whether it limits the type of data you can upload. For example, you cannot import files if you want to switch to WIX.

For nopCommerce, up to now, it only allows you to export the following data:

  • Products (without reviews, images, tax)
  • Categories
  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Manufacturers

To export products, you need to login to nopCommerce Store Administration and follow these steps:

1. Go to Open Catalog Menu-> Products -> Manage Products page.

2. You can find export options at the main page top left.

export nopcommerce data
nopCommerce data import/export

3. Choose to export all or only selected from the Export dropdown list. Then, a table with products you have chosen will be downloaded. The table consists of all the products characteristics from product editing page tabs (Product info, SEO, Pictures and so on).

export nopcommerce data
nopCommerce export

Please note that if you use product attributes, an exported table will be grouped by rows, to view attribute details click the symbol “+” next to your product in the table (as shown below).

export nopcommerce data 3

To export categories, you need to go to Catalog -> Categories -> List and click Export to XML.

To export orders, step to Sales -> Orders, click on Export to XML (all found). When exporting orders to XML format, you cannot export shipping and billing address. To export these two, you have to choose XLS format (export to Excel), however, by this way, you will not have OrderItems. Therefore, in order to export all of them, you need to combine two files in two formats.

To export customers, direct to Сustomers -> Customers, click on Export to XML (all found).

To export manufacturers, go to Catalog -> Manufacturers, click on Export to XML.

However, after exporting all of your necessary data files, you will need to convert them from XML to CSV. Then, edit the files to match the required file format of the platform you’re moving to.

In case your new shopping cart doesn’t allow you to import files, you will have to develop a migration script yourself to transfer data from the files to it or use an available migration service.

Migrate nopCommerce using API

The next way is using API. The API allows you to access your nopCommerce website’s data (resource) through an HTTP REST API which is provided by third-party plugins. With the most recent version of the API (nopCommerce version 4.00), the resources include the following 7 nopCommerce objects:

  • Customers
  • Products (without reviews, images, tax)
  • Products Categories
  • Orders
  • ShoppingCartItems

Some RESTful API plugins only supports a few versions of nopCommerce; for example, API PLUGIN 4.20 developed by KHALILME is only for nopCommerce ver. 4.20 or WEB API FOR NOPCOMMERCE by nop4you is for versions 3.90, 4.00 , 4.10 and 4.20. To migrate nopCommerce website through API, unlike with data files, you cannot import data to your Target Store manually without a migration script. You need to either create one yourself or use an available migration service.

Migrate directly from Database (can be done only with LitExtension)

The third method is to migrate directly from nopCommerce Database to your new platform’s database. With this method, you can transfer the following data:

  • Products
  • Products Categories
  • Taxes
  • Customers
  • Orders
  • Reviews
  • Multiple languages
  • Customer passwords (only with LitExtension and only applied with platforms that support customer password import)
  • Customized fields (with LitExtension, if required)

Currently, this is the fastest method to migrate nopCommerce website and there is only LitExtension providing this service. To perform nopCommerce migration with LitExtension, you’ll need to provide us with Nopcommerce Sql Server Database login information and make sure that your server can be connected remotely from an outside machine. For detailed instructions on this, please see our article here.

Then, follow these 5 simple steps and your store will be migrated as you wish:

  • Step 1. Register an account and log in to Click “Create New Migration” to start.
Login to LitExtension
  • Step 2. Fill in carts’ information. Select nopCommerce as your Source Cart Type from the dropdown list. Enter the requested information about your Source Store.
Set up your Source Cart
  • Afterward, select your Target Cart Type from the dropdown list (we took Magento as an example in the below screenshot). Enter the requested information about your Target Store.
Fill in your Target Cart information
  • Step 3. Choose the entities you want to migrate. You can migrate either only products, customers, orders,… or all of them. LitExtension also provides some additional features so that you can expand the migration possibilities.
Choose entities you want to migrate

Step 4. Hit next to kick off the migration.

After that, you only need to wait for the tool to transfer all the data without keeping your browser open.

Perform the Full Migration

Comparison of nopCommerce migration methods

Above we’ve walked you through the steps you can migrate nopCommerce website with 3 presently available methods. Now, let’s put them together to examine their pros and cons:

a. Export/Import manually


  • Money-saving


  • Time-consuming
  • Require deep experience in web-development
  • No technical support from the experts
  • Be able to migrate only a few data
  • High chance of error

b. Migrate nopCommerce using API


  • Be able to migrate more items than Export/Import method.
  • Technical support from migration experts if using migration service


  • Migrate less items than direct database method
  • Limit supported nopCommerce versions
  • If your site is large, it will take a lot of time to request access to the site

c. Migrate directly from Database with LitExtension


  • Be able to transfer the most data among 3 methods
  • Fastest way
  • Be able to migrate customer password and customized fields (only with LitExtension)
  • 24/7 support from shopping cart migration experts
  • Lowest chance of error
  • Require no technical experience


  • Fee is a bit higher than the two other methods

Final Verdict

Among the 3 current methods to migrate nopCommerce website, the last one, Direct Database provided by LitExtension, may cost the most. However, when taking into account other factors including its lowest error rate or fastest process, this method will save you a lot of money and valuable time. Moreover, your new store will be equipped with the fullest of data objects compared to what any other method can bring to you.

Therefore, to conclude, the migrating nopCommerce Database with LitExtension is the most ideal solution at the moment. When working with LitExtension, you can totally rest assured as we are the first-class experts in shopping cart migration and our top priority is you and your satisfaction.

For more information about nopCommerce, please feel free to contact us. We are always available to help. Let’s join our community to get more eCommerce knowledge.




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