2021 eCommerce Insights: A Year in Rewind


2021 is a year with a plethora of remarkable events and milestones to remember. As the year went by, it’s about time we looked back at these 2021 eCommerce insights and predicted the future of eCommerce.

  • What happened in eCommerce 2021?
  • What are some key eCommerce stats that you shouldn’t ignore?
  • Will eCommerce continue to grow?

2021 eCommerce Insights: A Year in Review

Global eCommerce insights

During the 2021 post-pandemic, the eCommerce market worldwide witnessed an overall upward trend. Retail eCommerce sales have reached $4,891 billion in 2021. The global eCommerce sales are expected to surpass $5.5 trillion in 2022 and reach the number of $7,385 trillion in the next three years.

Global eCommerce sales report (Source: eMarketer)

Regionally eCommerce insights

eCommerce 2021 in the US witnessed a slight fluctuation throughout the year, as reported by the U.S Department of Commerce. After a rise in the 2nd quarter, the total eCommerce sales dropped a little in the 3rd quarter and quickly recovered in the last three months of the year.

eCommerce platforms and marketplaces statistics

Last year, many eCommerce platforms and marketplaces bloomed with impressive sales. In this part of our 2021 eCommerce insights, let’s check out some notable results that these marketplaces scored.

2021 marketplaces report
Target online sales report
Etsy growth 2021

eCommerce insights: eCommerce platforms news and update

The eCommerce world never remains unchanged throughout the year. Therefore, it is vital for eCommerce platforms to keep their users up-to-date with constant patches and platform updates to meet their demand.

  • Squarespace introduced webhooks to allow developers to subscribe to OAuth and Order events
  • Squarespace publish its Profile API for general use
  • Wix allows merchants to connect to Amazon and sell on multiple platforms (available for US users only)
  • Magento Commerce went through a rebranding process and changed its name to Adobe Commerce
  • Magento released version 2.3.7 for both Magento Open-source and Adobe Commerce platforms
  • Wix acquired Rise.ai to allow users to add gift cards and loyalty to their online stores
  • BigCommerce rolled out Widget HTML in GraphQL Storefront API
  • BigCommerce released a major API update involving checkout experience

eCommerce Insights — FAQs

How much did e-commerce grow in 2021?

eCommerce Insights — Final Words

The eCommerce world is constantly changing. Therefore, it is important to look back, reflect, and take note of every important event that happened in the previous year to decide a suitable strategy for the upcoming period.



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